The Right Rx for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain? LedgerDomain’s Hyperledger Fabric Solution

Industry: Healthcare
Topics: Pharmaceutical supply chain, healthcare
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric


How CULedger protects credit unions against fraud with Hyperledger Indy

Industry: Finance
Topics: Financial services, Identity, SSI
Projects: Hyperledger Indy


The National Bank of Cambodia boosts financial inclusion with Hyperledger Iroha

Industry: Finance
Topics: Financial services, Blockchain, CBDC
Projects: Hyperledger Iroha

Joisto Meets Document and Data Storage Security Regulations of GDPR —and Ensures Trust—Using Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Finance, Government
Topics: Data Privacy, Blockchain, Security
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric

How Mindtree revolutionized loyalty platforms and merchant onboarding with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Finance
Topics: Loyalty Exchange Program, Blockchain
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric

ChainYard and IBM reduce new vendor risk & drastically cut onboarding from 60 to 3 days with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Supply chain
Topics: Hyperledger Fabric, Supply Chain Industry, Blockchain
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric

Honeywell Aerospace creates online parts marketplace with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Manufactoring
Topics: Hyperledger Fabric, Aerospace, Blockchain
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric

Change Healthcare using Hyperledger Fabric to improve claims lifecycle throughput and transparency

Industry: Healthcare
Topics: Hyperledger Fabric, Healthcare, Blockchain
Projects: Hyperledger Fabric

When Hyperledger Sawtooth Met Kubernetes – Simplifying Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Industry: Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Technology, IT Services
Topics: Hyperledger Sawtooth, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Containers, Cloud computing,
Projects: Hyperledger Sawtooth

BC aims to cut government red tape with Hyperledger Indy

Industry: Blockchain, Tech, Small Business, Government
Topics: Blockchain, Open Source, Digital Identity, Self Sovereign Identity, Bureaucracy, Small Businesses, Business Development, Government
Project(s): Hyperledger Indy

How Walmart brought unprecedented transparency to the food supply chain with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Supply Chain, Food, Agriculture, Retailers
Topics: Traceability, Open Source Blockchain, Consortiums, Trust, Speed, Immutability, Verified Networks, Decentralization, Food-borne illnesses and outbreaks, Food waste
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric

Circulor Achieves First Ever Mine to Manufacturer Traceability of a Conflict Mineral Using Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Mining
Topics: Hyperledger Fabric, IOT, facial recognition technology combined for doing first-ever mine to manufacturer traceability of a conflict-mineral for supply chains
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric

How ScanTrust Brought Transparency to the Supply Chain with Hyperledger Sawtooth

ScanTrust如何使用超级账本 Sawtooth框架,为供应链带来透 明度

Industry: Supply Chain, Commercial Goods
Topics: Traceability, Trust, Information and communications technology (ICT Environment), Industry Use Cases, QR Code
Project(s): Hyperledger Sawtooth

How the National Association of REALTORS® Improved Member Services with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Real Estate and Digital Identity
Topics: Information and communications technology (ICT Environment), Digital Identity, Industry Use Cases
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric

Deutsche Börse Group Hyperledger Case Study

Industry: Financial Services
Topics: Information and communications technology (ICT) environment, Industry Use Cases, Financial Services
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric

Sony Global Education Chooses Hyperledger Fabric for a Next-Generation Credentials Platform

Industry: Education, Government
Topics: Information and communications technology (ICT) environment, Industry Use Cases
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric