Type: DLT, Smart Contract Engine
Status: Active

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. Intended as a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture, Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play. Hyperledger Fabric leverages container technology to host smart contracts called “chaincode” that comprise the application logic of the system. Hyperledger Fabric was initially contributed by Digital Asset and IBM, as a result of the first hackathon.

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April 10, 2019 in Blog, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Indy Graduates To Active Status; Joins Fabric And Sawtooth As “Production Ready” Hyperledger Projects

By Steven Gubler, Hyperledger Indy contributor and Sovrin infrastructure and pipeline engineer The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) just approved Indy to be the third of Hyperledger’s twelve projects to…
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April 4, 2019 in Blog, Hyperledger Fabric

Does Hyperledger Fabric perform at scale?

I’m glad you asked! The short answer is: yes, it does indeed! I get questions I get a lot of questions about the performance of Hyperledger Fabric (Fabric) at scale.…
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March 27, 2019 in Announcements, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy

Hyperledger Welcomes Nine New Members to its Expanding Enterprise Blockchain Community

Advances Collaboration with Growing Portfolio of Working Groups and Cross-Industry Special Interest Groups SAN FRANCISCO (March 27, 2019) – Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain…
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