Hyperledger’s Community Groups are a way for technical and non-technical people to get involved with the community. All groups are open forums and you are invited to participate in any of the groups that look interesting to you. All are welcome!



The HLHC’s mission is to house and foster technical and business-level conversations about appropriate applications for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. These conversations will initially be broad and educational, but will transition to focus on identifying opportunities for near-term collaboration between participants on common software to implement a given application. If appropriately scoped and resourced, these conversations will lead to one or more proposals for new software development efforts to be hosted at Hyperledger.

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Public Sector


The activities of the Public Sector Special Interest Group include identifying related use cases, current pilots, and proofs of concept; sharing stories of successes, failures, opportunities, and challenges; exploring cross-cutting concerns like security, privacy, and identity in government contexts; identifying existing or needed common critical software components that would serve the particular needs of the public sector; identifying conferences or other opportunities to connect face to face, as well as submit talks or present as a group at an event.

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The telecom industry today has the most complex operations framework, involving many partners, vendors, customers, distributors, network providers. Issues of trust issues and transparency abound due to the involvement of multiple entities with no clear mechanism to track end-to-end activities. The Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group is focused on technical and business-level conversations about appropriate use cases for blockchain technology in the Telecom industry.

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Supply Chain & Trade Finance

Hyperledger Supply Chain and Trade Finance Special Interest Group (ST-SIG) represents a global membership of Logistics, Supply Chain and Trade Finance professionals united in advancing the state of the supply chain industry through the implementation of enterprise-grade technology solutions utilizing the Hyperledger greenhouse of business blockchain frameworks and tools. 

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Financial Markets


The Financial Markets Special Interest Group (FMSIG) represents industry professionals working together to study how Hyperledger DLTs interact with Financial Markets use cases. This covers issuance and trading of instruments to continued market-making, management of risk, program-trading, regulations, capital requirements, traceability, post trade settlement, custody including corporate actions and more. This group also explores architecture, identity and performance related considerations specific to Financial Markets and DLTs.

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Climate Action and Accounting


A Special Interest Group focused on bringing stakeholders together to look at climate related use cases, such as using Hyperledger frameworks to build a global and open climate accounting system to support stakeholders’ efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement (the United Nation’s global climate accord)

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Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment Special Interest Group brings together technical, academic, and industry-related expertise in order to solve long-standing problems in the creation, fair distribution, and legally appropriate attribution of media assets.

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An Identity is a dynamic collection of sets of attributes attached to an entity. In order to accrete trust and be useful for authorization, these attributes must be verifiably attested by other entities. It is a primary building block for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The purpose of the Identity Working Group is to discuss, research, and document ways to capture, store, transmit and use Identities on the DLT, specifically for the projects under the Hyperledger umbrella.

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