Type: Distributed ledger
Status: Incubation

Hyperledger Besu is an open source Ethereum client developed under the Apache 2.0 license and written in Java. It can be run on the Ethereum public network or on private permissioned networks, as well as test networks such as Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Görli. Hyperledger Besu includes several consensus algorithms including PoW, PoA, and IBFT, and has comprehensive permissioning schemes designed specifically for uses in a consortium environment.

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November 7, 2019 in Blog, Hyperledger Besu

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Hyperledger Besu Establishing a Maintainer Process

As an open source project, the Hyperledger Besu team is continuing to focus on building our community. One reason we submitted Hyperledger Besu to Hyperledger was to improve the project’s…
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August 30, 2019 in Hyperledger Besu, News

(8.30.19) Ledger Insights: Quorum blockchain competitor joins Hyperledger ecosystem

ConsenSys startup PegaSys has been working on an Enterprise Ethereum offering, Pantheon, for some time with its first iteration released last year. Yesterday, Hyperledger announced that Pantheon is now a new…
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August 29, 2019 in Hyperledger Besu, News

(8.29.19) Forbes: Hyperledger Unanimously Approves First Ethereum Codebase For Enterprises

Hyperledger accepted its first code that links businesses directly to a public blockchain in a new project, called Hyperledger Besu. More here.
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