We welcome our community to use Hyperledger Foundation brand assets.

Consistent use of our design patterns, logos, and other assets helps people easily identify Hyperledger-branded properties and protects our trademarks. It is important that marketing materials comply with these standards and use assets correctly. Please note that any and all use of Hyperledger Foundation trademarks must comply with Linux Foundation’s Trademark Usage Guidelines in addition to these visual branding guidelines.

Download the community slide deck template here


Primary Logo

This is our primary logo and should be used wherever possible.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is used for Hyperledger events and large format collateral.
Untitled design-4


In the instance where the primary color logo can not be used, alternate color versions may be used. 

Untitled design-Sep-18-2023-08-19-25-5962-PM

Project Logos

All current Graduated and Incubating Projects

Logo Usage



Always preserve clear space around the logo. It is required to provide clarity and breathing room.



Scaling or stretching the logo away from its normal proportions is strictly not permitted.



Changing the logo color in any way is strictly not permitted. The logo should be used in its color option or all-white when required.



1. Always use 'Hyperledger Foundation' when referencing the organization

2. Alway use the full name of a project (e.g., Hyperledger Besu; Hyperledger Fabric), especially on the first mention in a paragraph or bullet

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