[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Blythe Masters

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We recently sat down with Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset and the chair of the Hyperledger Governing Board. Digital Asset is a Premier founding member of Hyperledger. In the…

Developer Showcase Series: Judy Priest, Engineer, Cisco

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The Hyperledger community is comprised of developers and technical leaders from around the globe who are working together to change the world with blockchain technologies. This new blog series highlights…

Recap: Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

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Guest post: Chris Ferris, Head of Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee  I had a really great time this past weekend at the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon. I had been invited to serve...

Hyperledger Meetups – Get Involved in 2017!

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The Hyperledger meetup scene continues to thrive in 2017. We now have 9,134 members across 38 different meetup groups all around the world! We have our amazing community to thank…

Happy Birthday, Hyperledger!

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Last February, The Linux Foundation announced 30 founding members and six of those proposed contributions of code to advance blockchain technology under Hyperledger. Fast forward to today, Hyperledger is now…

Event Recap: Blockchain Masterminds Unite at Hyperledger Hackfest

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Guest post: Hanna Zubko, IntellectEU Last week, Blockchain masterminds gathered for three events in the Bay Area:  Blockchain Protocol Analysis & Security Engineering Conference, CoinDesk’s Construct Conference, and Hyperledger’s Hackfest….

Hyperledger Says Hello to Cello

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Today, we’re excited to welcome a new project to Hyperledger, Cello. Cello is a toolkit for deploying a Blockchain-as-a-Service, that reduces the effort required for creating, managing, and terminating blockchains….

Help Shape The Future of Blockchain – Join the Hyperledger Team!

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Huge thanks to all our members and the community for their support in 2016. It has been a real pleasure for all of us to be behind something so great….

Hyperledger Announces Technical Working Group China

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Hyperledger membership has been growing quickly in China over the past year. To date, more than 25% of Hyperledger members are from mainland China. In order to foster a strong…

Meet Sawtooth Lake

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By Dan Middleton, Sawtooth Lake Maintainer* When I was asked to post about Sawtooth Lake, an obvious topic was “What is Sawtooth?”  Well, Sawtooth Lake is a distributed ledger with…

Hyperledger Welcomes Iroha

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We’re pleased to announce that the distributed ledger project, Iroha, has been accepted into incubation status under Hyperledger. Originally developed by Hyperledger member company, Soramitsu, Iroha was inspired by the…

Hyperledger at Money20/20

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We’re pleased to share the details of Hyperledger Project’s significant presence at the upcoming Money20/20 conference taking place Oct. 23-26, at The Venetian in Las Vegas. If you will be…

Hyperledger Hackathon and Hackfest Recap

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The first ever Hyperledger Hackathon took place October 1-2 in Amsterdam. More than 120 developers (20 teams) gathered for the event organized by ABN AMRO, IBM, Holland Fintech and Hyperledger….

Hyperledger Announces the Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group

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Today, Hyperledger is announcing the formation of the Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group (HLHC Working Group). Health data sharing, like much of health IT, has traditionally lagged other industries in adoption…

Meet Hyperledger: An “Umbrella” for Open Source Blockchain & Smart Contract Technologies

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It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at The Linux Foundation on Hyperledger for four months already. I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest and support the project…