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A Hyperledger project's lifecycle is quite complex, especially for new software developers. Initially, submitting an official Hypeledger project proposal is demanding and needs a high level of approval, which may not be suitable for projects that are still in early development stages.

Hyperledger Labs offers a simpler alternative. It reduces the burden on the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) for launching new projects, allowing them to be developed in a more flexible legal framework. This framework makes it easier to transition these projects to a more advanced incubation stage if needed.

Unlike graduated and incubating Hyperledger projects, Hyperledger Labs are not overseen by the TOC, instead, they are initiated and managed by the community. Anyone can propose a new Lab by submitting a simple request (in the form of a Pull Request) to the Labs Stewards.

The goal of Hyperledger Labs is to encourage more developers to participate and try out their ideas in the community, offering a more accessible entry point for experimentation.

Process to propose a new lab

This process is documented on the Hyperledger Labs process page.

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