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Currently, the project lifecycle at Hyperledger Foundation is complex. Submitting a project proposal is a relatively heavy process that requires a level of endorsement by Hyperledger that is not suitable for cases where projects are immature from a code-complete, production

Hyperledger Labs lowers the pressure on the Technical Steering Committee to start new projects and allow for work to be done within a legal framework that eases transition to a project in Incubation in cases where this ends up being the chosen path for the Labs.

Hyperledger Labs is not directly controlled by the TSC. Labs are proposed and run by the community. They can be created by a simple request (done by submitting a Pull Request) to the Labs Stewards.

The aim is that Hyperledger Labs encourages more developers to get involved and experiment in the community.

The following communication channels have been set up for Hyperledger Labs:

Process to propose a new lab

This process is documented on the Hyperledger Labs process page.

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