Hyperledger Foundation 2023 Brand Study

Unlocking Business Potential with Blockchain: Insights from Hyperledger Foundation's Latest Study.



Hyperledger in Action – Central Bank Digital Currencies

This ebook provides the reader an overview of the Hyperledger Foundation, why it is the most widely used technology for CDBCs, and why open source development is appropriate for all central bank projects and real-life examples of CBDC projects around the world.



Hyperledger in Action – Supply Chain & Trade Finance

Discover the latest ebook from the Hyperledger Supply Chain & Trade Finance Special Interest Group.



Self-Assessing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Hyperledger Fabric

This white paper describes a prototype for the self-assessment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the Telecom industry, although this approach may be used in any industry. The proposed approach uses the Hyperledger Fabric framework for a permissioned blockchain network hosting Trusted Execution Environments.


Hyperledger in Action – India

Since 2016, the Hyperledger Foundation has been working to build a global community that is open, trusted and impactful at the local level. And no other country or region has embraced this model to grow their community involvement more than India. Discover the latest developments in our fastest growing regional chapter. 


The Carbon Footprint of NFTs

This report lays out key climate-related barriers to NFTs and suggests some concrete strategies for embracing and building on the exciting innovations that NFTs enable. Adopting these strat- egies may unlock new opportunities for global collaborations and partner- ships for impact through responsible and potentially beneficial approaches to climate solutions. We hope it will help organizations consider what really matters beyond the hype and undertake their innovative initiatives in a climate-friendly way.



Solution Brief: Decentralized ID and Access Management (DIAM) for IoT Networks

This document describes a decentralized identity and access management (DIAM) system for IoT devices, based on open source blockchain frameworks from Hyperledger. This decentralized approach can help IoT providers build a secure and cost-effective environment to support millions of IoT devices in the near future.



Ledger Archiving

While Blockchain may appear similar to distributed databases, they are typically implemented without a central authority and central repository. Therefore, Blockchain provides some unique differences from everything that has come before.



Solution Brief: Optimizing Wholesale Intercarrier Settlement with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

This document describes how a blockchain-based solution can help telecommunication service providers invoice and settle cross-charging payments more quickly and efficiently. This brief also defines a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for this solution and proposes a consortium of wholesale operators that could use this solution to dramatically streamline the settlements process.


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