Developer showcase series: Yi (Sam) Yuan, IBM

Developer showcase series: Yi (Sam) Yuan, IBM

Back to our Developer Showcase Series to learn what developers in the real world are doing with Hyperledger technologies. Next up is Yi (Sam) Yuan, Back-End Developer Engineer at IBM.

回到我们的开发者展示系列,让我们了解现实世界中的开发者如何使用超级账本技术。 这次为我们分享的是 来自IBM 后端开发工程师袁怿 (Sam Yuan)。

Q: Give a bit of background on what you’re working on and how you got into blockchain:

A: I got involved with Hyperledger Fabric and blockchain when I joined IBM in January, 2019. Currently, I am working part time on projects for the Hyperledger Technical Working Group China (TWGC) and the Hyperledger Performance and Scale Working Group (PSWG). Recent topics from Fabric contributor meetings include new open telemetry support and pluggable crypto service.


答:19年入职IBM之后我接触到了Hyperledger Fabric和区块链。目前我正在参与超级账本中国技术工作组(TWGC)和超级账本性能和规模化工作组(PSWG)的相关活动,主要关注在Hyperledger Fabric最新roadmap中的密码学模块改造和open telemetry支持的相关内容。

Q: What Hyperledger frameworks or tools are you using in your projects? Any new developments to share? Can you sum up your experience with Hyperledger technologies?

A: I am a user for Hyperledger Fabric and a maintainer of some tools being developed by the TWGC, including Tape, which is a simple traffic generator for Hyperledger Fabric and others.

For more on the tools being developed in TWGC, please visit the TWGC GitHub or these wiki pages for an introduction in English: and

问:您在项目中使用了哪些超级账本的框架或工具? 有什么新进展可以跟大家分享吗? 您能总结一下您使用超级账本技术的经验吗?

答:我目前在使用Hyperledger Fabric, 并且在维护TWGC下的几个开源项目,包括Fabric简易性能测试工具Tape。详情请访问TWGC在github上的页面。作为技术人员,我希望大家能够通过动手实践的方式来了解Hyperledger相关项目。比如,找到hello world文档并且尝试,通过动手实践来学习。

Q: What do you think is most important for Hyperledger Foundation to focus on in the next year?
A: Business cases for Hyperledger technologies. 



Q: What advice would you offer other technologists or developers interested in getting started working on blockchain? *

A: Experience is the best teacher so get as much of it as you can.



Q: As Hyperledger projects continue to mature, what do you see as the most interesting technologies, apps, or use cases coming out as a result?

A: Advance crypto related technologies (e.g., zero knowledge proofs)



Q: What’s the one issue or problem you hope blockchain can solve?

A: Worldwide health care fight against COVID-19.



Q: Where do you hope to see Hyperledger and/or blockchain in five years?
A: As blockchain is/will be next generation of data exchange solution, I expect that companies from all kinds of business use this technology and benefit from it



Q: What is the best piece of developer advice you’ve ever received?

A: Too many things helped me. In short, I would suggest reading Enterprise Open Source: A Practical Introduction from the Linux Foundation.


答:简单而言,请参考 Enterprise Open Source: A Practical Introduction from the Linux Foundation.

Q: What technology could you not live without?

A: Digital and telecommunication technologies



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