Hyperledger Challenge 2022 is all set!

Hyperledger Challenge 2022 is all set!

Collaborating to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

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What is it?

The Hyperledger community is launching the Hyperledger Challenge to harness the power of communities to ideate, develop, and launch innovative solutions developed using open source technologies. Any innovation that advances the current state-of-the-art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies leveraging one or more Hyperledger projects is eligible for the Hyperledger Challenge.

When is it?

The Challenge will feature three rounds, called “Ideate,” “Prototype” and “Launch,” to develop innovations from ideas to sustainable solutions in the manner of months. Innovators competing in the challenges will have access to training, mentors  and the Hyperledger community to support the development of their solution. The Hyperledger community is committed to be a driving force to incorporating Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion into programs. Innovators are greatly encouraged to consider diversity and inclusion when developing their teams.

The ideation phase was kick-started on 18th January. Submissions are welcome until 1st March 2022. Do reach out if you have more questions on timelines and deadlines.

Look out for the updated timelines information at https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/events/Hyperledger+Challenge+2022.

Who is it for?

The Hyperledger Foundation hosts a number of enterprise-grade blockchain software projects. The projects are conceived and built by the developer community for vendors, end user organisations, service providers, start-ups, academics and others to use to build and deploy blockchain networks or commercial solutions. This challenge will feature:

  • A network of support for future innovators to advance the current state-of-the art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies. 
  • A place to partner with similar entrepreneurs, to connect with leading experts, to learn, to scale up, and to achieve real impact in the world.

The Hyperledger Foundation is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. Therefore, all innovators of the Hyperledger Challenge are requested to visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct and Antitrust Policy Notice.

What do the organizers say?

“This is an excellent opportunity for innovators to validate their ideas, fund their development and build an ecosystem that not only benefits them but a much larger open source community. The event can be a pathway for students wanting to get involved in open source and interested in a multitude of learning opportunities. Working alongside the best in the industry and building a vision from ideation to launching, the event is a never seen before opportunity. 

Any event at this scale is successful only because of numerous hands, working  alongside each other. We are open to volunteers who can drive the initiative further in any way or fashion possible. Are you keen on technology? Are you willing to mentor? Are you a subject matter expert? Are you willing to get involved with this amazing Hyperledger community? If so, we have an opportunity for you to get involved. Reach out now!”

Arun S M, Hyperledger TSC member

“In June 2021, a call to action was delivered within the Hyperledger global community to unearth ways in which we can better collaborate to overcome current and future cross-industry challenges by identifying and contributing heterogeneous expertise, leveraging technology for the betterment of society and unifying open communities under Hyperledger.

This is the moment to join forces and deliver. This is the opportunity for each member of the community to give his own share and create an open source community for open source minds.

The Challenge is cast. Accept the Challenge.”

Andrea Frosinini, Member Of The Board Of Advisors at TOTTA | Trans Oceanic Trade Tech Alliance (TOTTA) Pte Ltd (Linkedin)

“The enterprise blockchain community has the potential to shape how we do business in the future. With a 30 year career in logistics, I’m passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business needs and am a firm believer that blockchain has the potential to bring global supply chain management to the next level. For sponsors and partners, you can connect with industry experts and get visibility into up and coming projects. Connect with the community, bring your ideas, affect change.”

Erik Valiquette, CEO Blockchain Supply Chain Association (LinkedIn)

“The Hyperledger Challenge was developed to bring innovations from ideas all the way to sustainable solutions that can be adopted by the market, with the support of the Hyperledger open source community. This Challenge was specifically curated so that business and technologists with little to no experience in open source and blockchain technologies can come together to create something new. As a believer in open collaboration and open source technologies, I am looking forward to working with the innovators of the challenge and seeing all of the innovations that will be developed and commercialised.”

Nancy Min

“At Hyperledger Foundation, we build networks of trust for business consortia. Through open source collaboration, our coalitions promote cooperation and growth. We construct new decentralised organisations with clear building blocks of frameworks and tools. You can propose, in this challenge, additional components or put together innovative assemblies. Experts, mentors, business partners, and fellow participants shall help you evaluate, hone, and bring to market your proposals. Your participation shall contribute to shaping a new Market for Innovation.”

Alfonso Govela, Founding Member of Hyperledger Latinoamerica Regional Chapter (LinkedIn)

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