Hyperledger-Powered Digital Identity Solutions at Work

Hyperledger-Powered Digital Identity Solutions at Work

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, there is an upswing in interest in digital identity technologies and their potential to underpin new health passes, travel credentials and other pathways to restarting economies that are effective, secure, accessible and privacy preserving. 

For more on these efforts, read up on the work of the Good Health Pass Collaborative

Stephan Curran’s post on Why Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Identity? also offers a good explanation of sudden and urgent issues driving interest in identity and the role of Hyperledger technologies in delivering solutions. 

Advances on these fronts are fostering important new developments. However, digital identity solutions are reshaping other industries as well. Read on for a sampling of Hyperledger-powered solutions that are in production now, bringing innovation to the telecom, supply chain, education and training and financial services markets:

Alastria ID over Red H+

Alastria ID, a project of Alastria, the Spanish association that promotes the development of solutions based on decentralized ledger technologies, is focused on decentralized identity management. It is a self-managed identity model based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Verifiable Credentials standard designed to facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for individuals, companies, organizations and entities. The use of credentials issued on different networks will enable interoperability across multiple applications. 

Telefonica and Inetum have partnered to implement Alastria ID in a Hyperledger Fabric production environment in Alastria. Named “red H+” (H+ network), this implementation gives more than 500 members of Alastria access to a production grade infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric technology. Red H+ offers a free of charge Hyperledger Fabric environment for Alastria members, designed for the deployment of proofs of concept or production projects without demanding requirements, and a production-ready paying platform for those members interested in having certain levels of service and personalised and guaranteed response times, as well as value added services such as Alastria ID.

(Note: You can learn more about Alastria’s mission to promote the digital economy and how the Hyperledger community is involved in this May 5 webinar.)


MemberPass is a digital credential solution that enables financial institutions to instantly verify financial credentials seamlessly across all consumer contact points in a highly secure and privacy-preserving manner. It is the flagship product of Bonifii, the financial industry’s first verifiable exchange network designed to enable trusted digital transactions using open standards and best-of-breed security technologies. Because MemberPass is built on Hyperledger Indy, credit union members can retain full control of their private personal information. The credential is secure and flexible. It allows the member to reveal only the data necessary for a given transaction. (See more on MemberPass adoption here.) 


SnapCert is a blockchain-based Credential Authentication platform for universities, colleges and institutes. Offered as a SaaS platform by Snapper Future Tech, SnapCert equips education customers to issue and verify credentials on a blockchain, ensuring no fraudulent credentials can be issued in their name. 

Customers include Kushal, a social organization that trains unskilled labour under Indian government National Skill Development program. With SnapCert, verifiers can get real-time verification of Kushal credentials directly from the primary source of the data simply using the last four digits of the credential holder’s Aadhaar id and the name. The solution solves the problem of misplaced paper credentials and reduces the trust deficit by providing easy access to credible credentials that prove the holder’s construction training. It also helps Kushal manage long term record keeping for the skilled workers, connect stakeholders that need the data and increase transparency and ease of doing business.

SnapCert is built using Oracle Blockchain, which is powered by Hyperledger Fabric. 

Trust Your Supplier 

Built on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology, Trust Your Supplier provides organizations a trusted exchange of information across an encrypted blockchain environment to minimize risk and fraud throughout the onboarding and life cycle of partnerships. 

A single, digital identity for suppliers can be shared with multiple buyers and business networks. This two-tiered supplier profile approach allows suppliers to be discovered by new customers without handing over unlimited access to their data. The Trust Your Supplier cross-industry blockchain network provides clear provenance and a single, shared, tamper-evident ledger. This is ideal for supporting auditing capabilities as it provides an immutable relationship history between parties.


In our current digital landscape, securely accessing online services has never been more important. With Hyperledger Fabric, SecureKey Technologies established Verified.Me, Canada’s leading digital identity network which helps verify consumers’ digital identity so they can access the services and products they want. With Hyperledger’s support, SecureKey has put user consent at the forefront and in control of when, why and with whom their personal information is being shared. This collaboration is critical to progressing the digital identity landscape in Canada and globally.

Join the conversation about blockchain-based identity technologies and solutions with #HyperledgerIdentity this month on social channels. Also, Hyperledger has an Identity Working Group that is open to all.

Cover image by vectambulist from Pixabay.

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