Hyperledger Italian Chapter Launches to Bolster Local Community and Development

The living society has long been inching toward a moment of overlap between physical and digital iterations in the so-called digital transformation of social interaction between people and legal entities.

Step by step, we are entering into a digitized society able to operate through the exchange of fungible and digitized assets.

Within this scenario, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have an essential role and a possible large-scale application that can be extended to various economic and social sectors by managing huge amounts of data with tangible consequences on the real life of end users. Nations are trying to onboard DLT software solutions with the intent to support development of the digital society and economy. 

In the case of Italy, the  diversified import-export-oriented economy offers a conducive environment for the development, test and adoption of blockchain solutions in a variety of sectors. This peculiarity of the Italian business structure opens several opportunities, as international trade is one of the most interesting areas of development of solutions based on DLT. 

Italian industrial sector that is worldwide famous for “Made in Italy” style carries an important market value that can strongly benefit from the features of transparency, security and traceability offered by blockchain. SMEs represent the core of the Italian industrial clusters (e.g., textiles, furniture, white goods and footwear) in addition to other important export sectors like mechanics and agri-food. Blockchain systems are inherently strong in ensuring optimal management of data provided by traditional quality assurance providers on provenance and quality of products, which could add significant value to production processes embedding this technology.

Innovative Italian SMEs are testing DLT solutions to serve these sectors, and some are starting to commercialize them. State-participated companies, financial institutions, associations and large Italian tech players are experimenting on distributed registries, for example SIA by SIAChain.

The idea of ​​proposing an “Italian Chapter” lay precisely on the purpose of ​​providing a different and more comprehensive perspective of the DLT phenomenon, being aware of the wide field of application of the technology. The Italian society should be preparing to experience a wide adoption of distributed ledger technology and the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger in its form of independent open source software collaborative has a key role to guide the interoperability of software solutions on the market and the harmonization of institutional compliance processes between digital iterations and real iterations at national institutional level.

The main task of the chapter will be the development of the Hyperledger community in Italy and guidance for the various private and public projects born in the national territory that aim to establish a common national best practice. The Hyperledger Italian Chapter will also seek to interface with national institutional entities to provide technological support for the harmonization and creation of common technical and operational standards for national strategic projects.

In this perspective, the chapter will engage with different functional areas from the technical sector. This entails coordinating meetups, involving academic-university research projects, encouraging  private business projects in different product areas in the territory national (from finance, manufacturing industry, agri-food, luxury industry, etc.) to share knowledge and experiences, and supporting of corporate or institutional initiatives for the development of national strategic projects.

Obviously, no project can work alone, which is why we consider it essential to share this proposal with the technical, private-corporate, academic, and public-institutional ecosystem so that a community can emerge and bring together the best technology experts to face the challenges that an intensely digitized society has to deal with.

The chapter’s initial activities will include diving into some new features released like Hyperledger Cactus, a new tool by Accenture allowing interoperability between DLT networks and now within Hyperledger Greenhouse, and other amazing updates by Linux Foundation and Hyperledger members like IBM, Chainstack and Digital Asset.

We hope you can join our community!

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