Introducing the Social Impact Ecosystem blog series from Hyperledger’s Social Impact Special Interest Group

The Hyperledger Social Impact SIG (SI-SIG) is a global community focused on how blockchain technology can be leveraged for a greater social impact. We are working together to identify use cases and opportunities, share feedback and lessons learned, and ensure blockchain is implemented where relevant and in a way that maximizes positive impact. 

Our SIG has put together several helpful resources to help new members find their way around. Our landing page gives a general overview of who we are and what we do. Those new to the SIG can visit the New Member Center to learn what we do and how they can participate. The Social Impact SIG Resource Center provides information on where to find resources for different sectors of the community, such as Financial Empowerment or Governance and Democracy. Our Community Presentations page is where you can find the latest discussion topics and presentations for our upcoming meetings as well as recordings and notes from past meetings. 

Since July 23, 2019, our meetings have been recorded and archived with the meeting notes, which makes them an excellent learning resource for new members and researchers alike. Highlights include talks by

If you would like to speak at a future SIG meeting, please reach out to us at the email list below.

We are excited to announce the launch of our blog post series “Social Impact Ecosystem,” which will feature blog posts from community members, guest writers and beyond on the various ways in which blockchain can be leveraged for social impact. The series will give members a chance to share what they are working on with others who are interested in our focus, and readers will be able to learn about different ways blockchain is being used to create positive changes in our world. Here is a quick glimpse of the blog posts that are in queue:

Shawn Wilborne will author a four-part series aimed at tackling the issues plaguing human consumption. From the food we eat to the clothing we purchase, we must maximize the value from every product and extend its lifecycle beyond single use. First, we’ll look at how blockchain can provide recycling and composting rewards to the masses to drive consumer adoption. Next, we’ll analyze hazardous and toxic materials to track them from the point of purchase through their proper disposal. This is vital to keeping our air, water, and soil free from contaminants that cause chronic diseases and shorten life spans. Then we’ll look at how the government can expedite the adoption of recycling and composting programs and use blockchain to verify accuracy, traceability, and program participation. Lastly, we’ll analyze how businesses and facilities can go Zero Waste and use blockchain to verify their entire supply chain. Cutting carbon not only benefits the environment and human health, but also increases brand recognition. We hope to inspire blockchain applications to preserve precious natural resources for future generations. 

Bobbi Muscara will share a series on how to develop a blockchain project to benefit your community. This will feature a series of guided checkpoints to help you identify the current needs of your community and how blockchain could be used to help.  

I will write a series addressing the varied ways blockchain is being leveraged in agriculture. While most readers will be familiar with the idea of using blockchain to track food along the supply chain to reduce food fraud and foodborne illness, there are a wide range of initiatives around the world that are focused on human rights and reducing human trafficking in our food and agriculture supply chains, environmental impact, and helping smallholder farmers and other producers access capital.

Would you like to add your project to our series? Would you like to present at a future meeting? Please reach out to to contribute. 

Get Involved! 

The SI-SIG is community driven. We are always looking for fellow social impacters to join our mission. To start, simply subscribe to the Hyperledger Social Impact SIG mailing list and introduce yourself and/or join our bi-weekly SI-SIG discussions every other Tuesday at 10:00am EST. Meeting details can be found here. Visit our Wiki page to learn more as well: