Hyperledger Announces Eight New Members, Host of Project Updates

Adds Telefónica, Tech Mahindra, ETC Cooperative and More

SAN FRANCISCO (November 21, 2019) Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, announced the latest line-up of new members to join its enterprise blockchain community. Eight new members, including Telefónica, Tech Mahindra and ETC Cooperative, have joined bringing added diversity to the multi-venture, multi-stakeholder effort hosted at the Linux Foundation

Hyperledger recently unveiled a host of project news, including the introduction of Hyperledger Avalon, the release of Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.2 and Sawtooth PBFT 1.0 and updates to Hyperledger Quilt and Hyperledger Burrow. In addition, Hyperledger announced the launch on the Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program along with five initial members. The Hyperledger community also came together in Russia for its first Moscow Bootcamp

“The fourth quarter has been busy on many fronts,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “We’ve hit the 15 project milestone with the introduction of Hyperledger Avalon, and are seeing growing development and traction across our other projects. We have also launched our Hyperledger Certified Service Provider program to boost deployment speed and efficiency for enterprises. Now, this diverse line-up of new members adds even more depth and breadth to our community and momentum to our efforts to advance the state of enterprise blockchain technologies.”

Hyperledger allows organizations to create solid, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions by offering enterprise-grade, open source distributed ledger frameworks and code bases. General members joining the community are BlocWatch, BondEvalue, Ledger Leopard, LimeChain, Telefónica, Tech Mahindra and Vonechain Technology. 

Hyperledger supports an open community that values the contributions and participation from various entities. As such, pre-approved non-profits, open source projects and government entities can join Hyperledger at no cost as associate members. Associate members joining this month include ETC Cooperative.

New member quotes:


“We are excited and proud to join the Hyperledger community,” said Aaron Klein, Co-Founder & CEO of BlocWatch. “At BlocWatch, we are dedicated to helping enterprise users, and their service providers, adopt and leverage blockchain technology. We provide blockchain users with visibility, monitoring, and automated operational and security alerting to ensure the best possible return on their blockchain investment.”


“As a blockchain bond exchange that connects with financial institutions, we are delighted to join the Hyperledger community and leverage its powerful permissioned blockchain technology,” said Rajaram Kannan, Co-founder and CTO at BondEvalue. “Our Hyperledger Sawtooth-based system is able to match and settle trades within a few seconds that otherwise take 2-3 days.”

Ledger Leopard

“Ledger Leopard, as a blockchain solution provider, works with multiple solutions to provide the right fit for our customers,” said Jeroen van Megchelen, CTO of Ledger Leopard. “Blockchain brings a set of tools and benefits to work together in a supply chain in a more efficient and trustworthy way. The Hyperledger technologies and community are an example of the decentralized corporation and willingness to think outside the box and create and better business models. Becoming a part of the Hyperledger family and working with the global community is a logical step to bring this to the next level. The paradigm shift of blockchain needs to come from a movement and we are proud to be part of this ecosystem. Together we will create the digital identity to move through optimized supply chains where people have control of their own data, and do tokenized payments, using Hyperledger Indy for identification systems.”


I’m extremely happy and thrilled to share that LimeChain is joining Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation!” said Nick Todorov, CEO, and co-founder of LimeChain. “As a premier Blockchain & DLT solutions provider this is not just a logical next step for us, but a strategic move that will help LimeChain provide even better solutions to its clients and partners. We are really excited about working with Hyperledger and about the potential synergies we will see with the Hyperledger community.”

Tech Mahindra

“Tech Mahindra has demonstrated strong product development capabilities using Hyperledger projects by developing 25+ Blockchain platforms and also implemented one of the world’s largest Blockchain networks covering 400 million+ subscribers in India to fight spam calls and text,” said Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader – Blockchain, Tech Mahindra. “By joining Hyperledger, Tech Mahindra would like to play a strong role in architecting the future of Hyperledger technologies by architecting cutting-edge solutions to solve tough business problems for enterprises globally.”


At Telefónica we have been exploring the real value of blockchain for our customers for a long time, and we believe that value is in the layer of trust that adds to operations,” says José Luis Núñez, Global Head for Blockchain at Telefónica. “Hyperledger’s community is key in the development of the technology that companies and organizations from all industries are using as a de facto standard for building business blockchain networks. We are delighted with the possibility of contributing to both the ongoing projects and new initiatives that may be launched in the coming months to continue helping companies in building these trusted networks.”

Vonechain Technology

“Blockchain is not only known as the basic technology of human collaboration, but is also one of the technical foundations of the digital world that we will be living in the future. Thus Hyperledger is going to be the factual standard of consortium blockchain between organizations,” said Vonechain Technology CEO Terry Liu. “As a blockchain innovator that serves the global market, Vonechain Technology strives to match suitable blockchain application to clients from all over the world based on four major product lines, which are tracing platform, autonomous platform, digital assets management platform, business environment platform, and 10 solutions.”

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing and technology. Hyperledger hosts many enterprise blockchain technology projects including distributed ledger frameworks, smart contract engines, client libraries, graphical interfaces, utility libraries and sample applications. All Hyperledger code is built publicly and available under the Apache license. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger under the foundation. To learn more, visit: https://www.hyperledger.org/.

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