Hyperledger Bootcamps: A Hands-on Way to Grow our Contributor Community

Here at Hyperledger, one of our favorite ways to grow our contributor community is our Bootcamp series of events. We’ve worked with Meetup groups, project maintainers and members around the world to hold these hands-on introductions to our technologies. From São Paulo, Brazil, to Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, we’ve helped hundreds of developers, designers, project managers and more up the Hyperledger learning curve with our Bootcamps.

The next Hyperledger Bootcamp will be in Moscow, Russia, on October 14th and 15th at Deworkacy Red October. The event will be hosted by Norilsk Nickel, which became a member of the Hyperledger consortium in June of this year.

Like all of our Bootcamps, this is a community-led event. After kicking off with an overview of the key projects, attendees will break out into groups to follow their own technology interests, diving straight into tutorials or getting started documentation and then starting to contribute to the projects with bug fixes, documentation and even developing use cases.

It’s important to note that these events are not just for coders! Contributors can help by creating documentation, writing use cases, serving as group organizers, and, of course, reporting and fixing bugs. The goal is to get community members up to speed on how to contribute. Most of the participants are fairly new and we understand that contributing to your first project can be a bit daunting. Bootcamps takes the fear out of the process. For existing contributors and maintainers, they are also the ideal place to recruit more help for your project or group.

Head to our wiki to find out how to get involved or help bring a Bootcamp to your community. 

To read this post in Russian, visit this page: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/RU/Blog+Post

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