Type: Distributed ledger software

Hyperledger Fabric is intended as a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture. Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.


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Latest Hyperledger Fabric News

October 6, 2021 in Blog, Developer Showcase, Hyperledger Fabric

Developer showcase series: Matt Zand, author and HashFlow CEO

Back to our Developer Showcase Series to learn what developers in the real world are doing with Hyperledger technologies. Next up is Matt Zand, CEO of HashFlow and co-author of…
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September 7, 2021 in Blog, Hyperledger Fabric

How Thales and DigiCert enhance cybersecurity for Hyperledger Fabric-based networks

In 2019, 7.9 billion data records were breached. And, yet, 39% of companies aren’t using robust data security measures because deployment complexity is a barrier. Still, security is not a…
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July 29, 2021 in Blog, Hyperledger Fabric, Supply Chain

Enterprises Can No Longer Take Shortcuts with Climate and Social Impact, and Distributed Ledgers Provide Proven Accelerators for Change

One of the few benefits we have seen emerge from the recent COVID-19 pandemic is an amplification of focus and desire for accountability around corporate and government sustainability, or “ESG”…
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