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Hyperledger Aries is your complete toolkit for decentralized identity solutions and digital trust. Issue, store and present verifiable credentials with maximum privacy preservation, and establish confidential, ongoing communication channels for rich interactions. It supports multiple protocols, credential types, ledgers and registries. It has frameworks in multiple development languages, and interoperability tools and profiles to help everything work together seamlessly.



Key Characteristics


* Establish decentralized credential verification and decentralized connections—give the holder more control over their information, with no “phoning home”
* Support selective disclosure, so holders only have to share the minimum amount of information
* Support Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP), so something can be proven (e.g. over the age of majority) without revealing the information it’s based on (e.g. date of birth)

Confidential, Ongoing Connections

* Enjoy encrypted, decentralized peer-to-peer messaging (using DIDComm) by using confidential, ongoing relationships between parties
* Support more than just issuing and presenting credentials: proactively notify holders about revoked credentials, exchange messages, and much more

Ease of deployment

* Start using ready-to-use agent frameworks in Python, Rust, Go, JavaScript and others
* Build on multiple companion projects to get started quickly, such as Aries Mobile Agent React Native (Aries Bifold) for an open-standards smartphone wallet


* Leverage High-level APIs so you can easily adapt your solution in the future
* Support multiple credential types, including Hyperledger AnonCreds and W3C VCs


* Leverage a well-established community with a wide range of active contributors, from individuals to large-scale organizations

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Related Projects

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