Trade Finance Digitalisation: Do we understand our data?

Trade Finance Digitalisation: Do we understand our data?
Harri Rantanen from SEB May 11, 2021
7:00 AM PST (UTC-7)



A presentation at the Hyperledger Trade Finance Special Interest Group on May 11, 2021 featuring Harri Rantanen from SEB.

Data without meaning is worthless and therefore applying a semantic model makes it as information, knowledge and wisdom. With Knowledge Graphs meaningful information can be linked over the internet and create basement for both machine and human readable and understandable context. Harri Rantanen will explain, with some examples, how semantic modeling, Standardised Trust community and secure corporate data sharing methods, technology and applicable rulebooks may boost also Trade Finance digitalisation. All this will require collaboration and agreement on used international standards and market practices.

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