Hyperledger In-depth with GSBN: Next Generation Blockchain Consortium

Hyperledger In-depth with GSBN: Next Generation Blockchain Consortium
Edmund To, Hart Montgomery, Dan Middleton and Daniela Barbosa January 18, 2023
7:00 am - 8:00 am PST (UTC-8)


Combining Enterprise Blockchain with Confidential Computing.

Description: The next generation of blockchain consortiums will combine blockchain technology with other emerging technologies such as confidential computing. According to the white paper by Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) in Oct 2021, Confidential computing can be used to secure data being written or processed on a blockchain network to add an additional element of privacy to the system.

Hear about two exciting open source initiatives under the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation and the CCC, – the journey from white paper to real use cases by the next generation blockchain consortium, with member Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN).

Daniela Barbosa, General Manager, Blockchain and Identity and Hyperledger Executive Director
Hart Montgomery, CTO, Hyperledger
Dan Middleton, Principal Engineer, Confidential Computing, Intel
Edmund To, CTO, GSBN

About GSBN
GSBN is a trade data utility platform powered by blockchain that enables supply chain participants to work collaboratively to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.

GSBN is built on a permissioned blockchain with strong data governance where only authorized parties are granted the right to contribute and consume shipping related data. By leveraging immutability of the blockchain and data field level privacy through cryptography, participants in the supply chain such as Terminals, Carriers, Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Truckers, Customs and Financial Institutions, can collaboratively design and enable industry wide, end to end, solutions.
The consortium was first founded by 8 global leaders in the global shipping industry accounting for one in every three containers handled in the world. Members include COSCO SHIPPING Lines, COSCO SHIPPING Ports, Hapag-Lloyd, Hutchison Ports, OOCL, SPG Qingdao Port, PSA International, and Shanghai International Port Group.
GSBN was established on a not for profit basis to ensure neutrality of the platform.

Hyperledger Case Study of GSBN: GSBN Case Study

Edmund To is the Chief Technology Officer of Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), the world’s first independent, not-for-profit technology consortium to reimagine global trade. As CTO, Edmund oversees and manages the blockchain-enabled data infrastructure to accelerate the digital transformation of the shipping and trade industry, as well as enabling greater efficiencies and resilience of the global trade ecosystem.

Edmund is a blockchain veteran who understands profoundly the technology’s value in facilitating data exchange in a secure and trusted way. Prior to his role at GSBN, Edmund was a Senior Technical Architect at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain engineering company, where he was working with central banks, financial institutions and corporates to solve real-world problems in multiple industries by leveraging blockchain technology. He started his career in finance with a focus on equity derivatives.
Edmund holds a Master of Engineering in Engineering, Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.

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