Hyperledger In-depth with Digital Asset: A privacy-first approach to DLT

Hyperledger In-depth with Digital Asset: A privacy-first approach to DLT
July 13, 2022
July 13 @ 7:00 am - 8:00 am PDT (UTC-7)


Today, businesses are increasingly using multi-party applications to drive efficiency and innovation by automating processes and delivering new products and services. If your organization is looking to build and deploy multi-party applications, but lack of privacy and worries about inherent risks from connecting different blockchains and databases are giving you pause, Digital Asset, Hyperledger Foundation member, offers the newest version of Daml that makes it easier than ever. Digital Asset’s multi-party application platform now includes Canton, a privacy-enabled distributed ledger that is enhanced when deployed with complementary blockchains. Canton ensures strong privacy and compliance — unique among multi-party systems — while synchronizing transactions across any supported blockchain or database. For example, a Daml asset can now be safely delivered on Hyperledger Besu while the payment can be made using a different Daml asset on Hyperledger Fabric, in a single, atomic transaction.

“Daml with Canton makes DLT feasible for our customers by preserving privacy while allowing market participants to safely exchange assets and share authorized data between multiple business parties across different platforms.” Craig Blitz, chief Product Officer of Digital Asset

In the “Hyperledger In-depth with… .” series, Hyperledger Foundation members share learnings from their projects and try to answer all the hard questions about the pains of working with DLTs. It is not yet another webinar: participants will be encouraged to take part, come with prepared questions and voice opinions. Expect live demos and tutorials, stories from the battle field and hopefully some heated discussions. Let’s get out of the zoom fatigue and engage to share experiences and build a stronger community.

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