An Hour With Mindtree: Making Blockchain & Disruptive Tech The Silver Bullet To Revitalize Aviation

An Hour With Mindtree: Making Blockchain & Disruptive Tech The Silver Bullet To Revitalize Aviation

– Niall van de Wouw, Managing Director, CLIVE

– Juan Iván Martín, AD Travel Pass – Labs, IATA

– Adnan Saulat, Head, Consulting, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, Mindtree

– Santanu Mukherjee, Principal Architect, Blockchain Practice, Mindtree

Host: Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan, Senior VP & Global Head, Customer Success, Data & Intelligence, Mindtree

Moderator: Julian Gordon, VP, Asia Pacific, Hyperledger
September 22, 2021
09:00 AM CST (UTC+7)

Hyperledger In-depth: An hour with Mindtree– Making disruptive technologies the silver bullet for airlines in new normal

As both the commercial airlines and cargo industries emerge from the pandemic, they are looking at innovative disruptive technologies to streamline supply chains, optimise operations, drive collaboration and ensure safe, seamless flying experiences for passengers globally. In this webinar, industry experts will discuss how passenger airlines, air cargo, and airports can successfully leverage the power of new age technologies (like blockchain and more) to overcome the challenges they had to face in the wake of the pandemic, and revitalise growth.

You can learn how to
– provide real-time process visibility facilitating collaboration across partners – airlines, airports and governments
– optimize air cargo operations using streamlined document management, tracking, and settlements
– make efficiency gains by reducing manual reconciliation and dispute settlement processes
– enable seamless revenue share across partners, inventory management and codeshare/ alliances
– help create self-sovereign identity to reimagine airport/airline processes
– leverage blockchain to make passenger travel safe and seamless, thereby enhancing passenger loyalty
– overcome change management related issues while implementing new transformative technologies

Bonus: You will gain a sneak peek into Mindtree’s newly-launched Digital Health Passport for Travel.

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