Developer Showcase Series: Fernando Paris, Co-CEO and CTO, ioBuilders

Developer Showcase Series: Fernando Paris, Co-CEO and CTO, ioBuilders

Back to our Developer Showcase Series to learn what developers in the real world are doing with Hyperledger technologies. Next up is Fernando Paris, Co-CEO and CTO, ioBuilders

Give a bit of background on what you’re working on and how you got into blockchain.

As a CTO with a diverse travel, ticketing, and finance background, I've led several notable projects. My blockchain journey began with the founding of ioBuilders, a venture that marked a new chapter in my career. The appeal of blockchain for me was twofold: the challenge of mastering a groundbreaking technology and the dynamic, enthusiastic community surrounding it. This aligns closely with ioBuilders' mission to encourage organizations to transcend their conventional limits, fostering innovation and harnessing the potential of DLT.

How are you involved in the Hyperledger community?

It’s a point of pride for me that ioBuilder’s involvement with the Hyperledger community is deep-rooted and active, primarily through our engagement with Hyperledger Besu. We've been hands-on from its early alpha stages, contributing by testing its features, integrating new functionalities, and supporting the community. This active participation underscores our dedication to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem around Hyperledger technologies. By continuously contributing to its development and improvement, we enhance our projects and support the growth and innovation of the broader Hyperledger community.

Why did you choose to become involved?

To me, choosing to get involved with Hyperledger is important because collaboration is central to ioBuilders' ethos and journey. New and disruptive technologies, especially in their nascent stages, require widespread adoption, a strong community foundation, and open dialogues. I believe the key to technological success lies in standardization and interoperability, and our involvement with Hyperledger reflects this belief. It is an opportunity to contribute and benefit from a collective effort in shaping the future of these technologies.

Why is contributing important?

Contributing is like being part of a virtuous cycle. When you contribute, you're not just giving but also receiving. It's about creating a support network and gaining insights, expertise, and new features from the community. This exchange perfectly aligns with ioBuilder's core values. Our contributions are a way to foster a healthy, thriving ecosystem where shared knowledge and resources elevate everyone involved.

What developments are you most excited about?

I'm particularly excited about several developments in Hyperledger FireFly and Hyperledger Cacti. Advancements in interoperability and privacy enhancement represent significant strides in the blockchain space, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and opening up new avenues for secure, efficient cross-platform interactions.

How can others get involved?

The best way for others to get involved is to engage with the community actively. This can be achieved by keeping up to date with various Hyperledger groups, participating in events, and immersing oneself in the practical use cases of the technology. Staying connected with the community provides a deeper understanding of the technology and opens doors to collaborative opportunities and knowledge sharing.

What is the best piece of developer advice you’ve ever received?

The most impactful piece of advice I've received is to "think globally" when developing projects. This means understanding and contextualizing the needs within a broader community vision and priorities. It's about aligning your contributions with the network's goals and ensuring that what you develop adds significant value locally and globally. This approach has been fundamental in guiding my development strategies and ensuring that my work has a meaningful impact.

What technology could you not live without?

In my opinion, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is indispensable. It's not just a technology; it's a paradigm shift in how we approach data, transactions, and trust in the digital world. DLT has reshaped my thinking about security, transparency, and efficiency in technological solutions, making it an integral part of my professional life and the foundation of our work at ioBuilders.

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