Cardea, a privacy preserving open-source ecosystem for verifying health data, joins Hyperledger Labs

Cardea, a privacy preserving open-source ecosystem for verifying health data, joins Hyperledger Labs

Cardea, a complete open-source verifiable credential ecosystem for sharing health information in a way that preserves patient privacy, has been accepted as a Hyperledger Lab.

Cardea emerged from a project to share proof of Covid 19 test status for entry to Aruba. Developed by Indicio, a leading developer of privacy-first decentralized identity and verification solutions, for SITA, the leading global supplier of IT to the air transport sector, the solution went on to win an EIC and SuperNova award for advancing decentralized identity. 

Cardea contains all of the necessary components to issue, share, and verify a variety of health information using decentralized identifiers, a mobile application, and a distributed ledger. The unique parts of the codebase were built on Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Aries and originally donated by SITA as the Cardea Project to Linux Foundation Public Health, where it was further developed to address the broader need for a complete open source solution for sharing health data in a privacy-preserving and secure way. (Read this white paper for a deep dive into how Cardea works and some of the initial use cases.)


Be sure not to miss our next meeting on 5/11/2023 at 12 noon Eastern Time featuring Sarah Samis, VP of Public health Products and Platforms of GCOM, on vital records!

Preserving privacy is a critical need both for digital health credentials and travel passes. A recent poll from IATA highlighted that 78% of passengers who took part in the survey will only use a travel health credential app if they have full control over their data. 

Data privacy and security are equally critical in healthcare. In 2021, 93% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach, while 57% of healthcare organizations have had more than five breaches. By using a decentralized approach we are putting control of the end user’s data back into their own hands to store locally on their own verifiable credentials, reducing both the impact of these breaches and the incentive for bad actor’s to attempt them.

By becoming a Hyperledger Lab, Cardea aims to empower public health authorities to design, build, and deploy open-source, privacy-first, and simple-to-use digital health solutions. With this technology, the community can work together to reopen economies without people having to give up their privacy.

“With the migration of Cardea to Hyperledger,” says Heather Dahl, Indicio’s CEO  “Indicio has taken the lead on privacy-first decentralized identity technology. And as a Public Benefit Corporation, we believe that open sourcing decentralized identity technology through Hyperledger Foundation will lay the foundation for a better, fairer world to come.”

To learn more about how you can participate in the Cardea lab, keep an eye on our wiki: or sign up to receive emails at 

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