Why Hyperledger Foundation Sponsors Internet Identity Workshop

Why Hyperledger Foundation Sponsors Internet Identity Workshop

Since the launch of Hyperledger Indy, a DLT purpose-built for decentralized identity, in 2017, Hyperledger Foundation has been a proud sponsor, attendee and contributor to the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) community. We continue that commitment in 2023 and welcome new and existing Hyperledger community members to join us at IIW. Not only is it a good event with great people, but it is an event/space/community where the work is getting done

“IIW is not the place where CEOs gather to spread their feathers and show off. That’s one reason it’s the most leveraged conference in the world. Actual work happens at IIW, and all of that work is toward starting and moving projects forward. It’s where fully constructive people and organizations such as Hyperledger Foundation come to roll up sleeves and get together with participants old and new, to make new connections and leave knowing more, doing more and working faster on stuff that matters.” — Kaliya Hamlin, Doc Searls and Phil Windley, IIW Organizers

Identity, privacy, anonymity and agency have been intrinsic concepts for the blockchain and decentralized technology ecosystem since the beginning. Even before Satoshi’s whitepaper was released, the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) was a twice-yearly “gathering of the clans” for the identity space. It has a long tradition of being where connections are made, projects are presented, code is shared, (vigorous) debate occurs, and people of varied and diverse skill sets who are passionate about these topics work to bring these solutions to life. 

“Hyperledger Foundation’s presence at IIW means that the projects that we believe are central to advancing decentralized identity — Hyperledger AnonCreds, Hyperledger Aries, and Hyperledger Indy — have the presence they need to receive the attention they deserve from the community. As Indicio relies on these Hyperledger projects we, as a longstanding attendee of IIW, are grateful for Hyperledger’s presence and support.” — Sam Curren, Senior Architect and Deputy CTO, Indicio

Hyperledger Foundation is a sponsor of IIW because it is a rallying point for the decentralized identity community, including those contributing to Hyperledger and other LF Identity projects as well as standards and technologies such as W3C Verifiable Credentials and DIF. We look forward to attending for a number of reasons, including:

  • Potential users of and prospective contributors to Hyperledger projects are at IIW, and we want to meet them. 
  • Stephen Curran and Timo Glastra, new members of the Hyperledger Technical Oversight Committee, will be there talking about Hyperledger technologies and community. 
  • Contributors and maintainers working on Hyperledger identity projects like Hyperledger Indy, Aries, Ursa and now Anoncreds are there to gather, share, hear feedback and work. This list includes Char Howland, Sam Curren, Berend Sliedrecht, and many others. 
  • For the Linux Foundation, IIW is an open forum where other LF Digital Trust initiatives like Open Wallet Foundation, Decentralized Identity Foundation and Trust Over IP can cross-pollinate ideas, get direct feedback from the community, find consensus on direction and build relationships. 
  • IIW is where members of the ecosystem gets to roll up their sleeves. One great example of this is the DIDComm Connect-a-thon.
  • The most engaged and vocal thinkers and doers in the identity space are at IIW, and it is a critical opportunity for the team to collaborate with them in person, gather their insights and work that feedback back into our community.

Hyperledger Foundation’s sponsorship of IIW takes different forms for every event, but we as a team feel supporting this community is critical to the identity ecosystem in general and Hyperledger identity projects. We are thrilled to fund the incredible work that goes into putting on each IIW, the community that emerges and the work that results.

Please join us April 18, 19 and 20 for IIW #36. Hyperledger community members save 20% using this link.

If you want to find out more about Hyperledger identity initiatives, please check out 

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  3. Hyperledger Aries 
  4. Hyperledger Indy
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