Learn the Fundamentals of Self-Sovereign Identity in Free Online Training Course

Learn the Fundamentals of Self-Sovereign Identity in Free Online Training Course

This post originally appeared on the Linux Foundation Training and Certification blog.

Our digital identities are part of who we are. Technology has become so pervasive in everyday life that individuals want and need the ability to better manage their online digital identity. Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a concept that puts users at the center of their digital identity, giving them control over it which helps increase privacy, security and trust in a technology or organization. SSI is growing in popularity as more online websites and applications implement the practice in their user experience.

We want to make it easier for companies to implement SSI for the benefit of their users, so Linux Foundation Training & Certification has announced a new upcoming online training course, Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity (LFS178x). The six-to-seven hour course, which will be available to audit for free for 10 weeks on the edX learning platform, provides a solid foundation on SSI with a 360 degree overview of its evolutionary journey, key concepts, standards, technological building blocks, use cases, real-world examples and implementation considerations. Pre-enrollment is open now, with course content becoming available on October 5.

This course is designed for business and government decision makers looking to understand SSI and make decisions about it; technologists seeking to get a high level overview of SSI, and professionals wanting to understand how digital identity systems work and how SSI is making a difference. Upon completion, participants will be able to have informed business discussions around digital identity, and particularly self-sovereign identity, with a good understanding about how identity systems work and influence our lives. You will also be able to identify innovative ideas and solutions for leveraging SSI, and be better positioned for further technical learning around digital identity. 

Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity was developed by Kaliya Young and Lucy Yang of Identity Woman, which works to bring about the creation of a layer of identity for people based on open standards. Kaliya, widely known as Identity Woman, is an expert in decentralized/self-sovereign identity who has committed her life to the development of an open standards based layer of the internet that empowers people. In 2005, Kaliya co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) to bring together technologists who want to see decentralized identity come into being. Lucy joined the COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI) on day one and has since led its operations and communications. She played an instrumental role in taking CCI into Linux Foundation Public Health. Lucy also serves on the board of MyData Global, an award-winning international non-profit championing personal data empowerment, and co-founded the MyData Canada Hub, where she is actively involved in strategic development and operations. 

Enroll today and start learning October 5 how your organization can modernize your digital identity practices.

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