Blockchain Education: The Keys to the Door of a New Business Revolution

The global market for blockchain solutions is set to grow by $18 billion by 2024. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), 2020 alone has seen $4.4 billion spent on developing and integrating tailored enterprise blockchain solutions – up nearly four times from 2017.

With such explosive demand growth for blockchain solutions, an equally increasing supply of top-tier blockchain development talent is needed to meet the needs of some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations. These global corporations are looking to invest heavily in top tech talent to solve business inefficiencies in areas such as supply chain management, insurance, and healthcare solutions, amongst others.

As blockchain technology is still a maturing and emerging industry, business stakeholders are looking to build the technological foundation necessary to position themselves at the forefront of the next technological revolution. IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are some of the global corporations pouring resources into figuring out how to effectively implement Hyperledger-based solutions into their verticals.

Hyperledger Fabric has become one of the most well-known blockchain platforms for supply chain management solutions. A prime example: the logistics management solution Walmart Canada has implemented, which has dramatically reduced costly invoice disputes across its extensive network of freight carriers. If you’re interested, you can read up on the study here.

So what does this all mean? With demand for permissioned blockchain solutions growing at such a rapid rate, more aspiring professionals need to be trained in this emerging highly specialized area of technology. 

Large corporations in a variety of business sectors are looking for people who understand the wider scope of blockchain architecture and design principles to develop solutions that can improve upon existing solutions. EMURGO’s mission via its education unit EMURGO India is to help shape the upcoming talent in this expanding space.

Trained to be Industry Ready

EMURGO India offers a comprehensive training course that provides a solid base of understanding of the underlying technology and is well aligned with the curriculum of the official Hyperledger CHFD certification. 

In addition, EMURGO’s training heavily focuses on hands-on learning experiences, incorporating actual practice alongside theoretical teaching, so that students are industry ready from Day 1. 

With an emphasis on hands-on learning and mentoring, this course makes sure students are able to successfully develop high quality projects and also have a thorough understanding of  actual business use cases for blockchain technology.

Prestigious Win

Recently, six of EMURGO India’s student mentees won first place in the Maxonrow Blockchain Hackathon for their blockchain-based solutions to track COVID-19 vaccinations built on Hyperledger Fabric. 

The Maxonrow Hackathon was highly competitive with a pool of over 40+ well-designed projects submitted, and judges and audience members from the likes of PwC, Audi, and venture capital firms analyzing the different blockchain business solutions.

Other mentees and students of EMURGO India’s education course were also able to come up with potential blockchain solutions and ideas in all kinds of industries. For example, in the healthcare industry where medical records of a particular person is strictly limited from hospital to hospital, Hyperledger-powered solutions were used to provide a permissionless environment where records could be accessed by doctors from different medical departments.

Hyperledger blockchain technology was used to address a scenario where food from one source had gotten contaminated. The solution made it possible to track down the exact source of the contamination instead of having to entirely shut down all of the numerous distribution outlets where the food source could have ended up.

The Road Ahead

In this exciting and rapidly developing space, there is no better time to position oneself within the blockchain industry and gain valuable career experience. Corporations of all sizes are rapidly hiring top talent to spearhead new innovation to become more cost efficient by streamlining outdated and expensive solutions systems in use today. 

In fact, on LinkedIn, blockchain is recognized as the number one in-demand skill in 2020, ahead of other areas such as artificial technology and cloud computing. If you are interested in knowing more about the Hyperledger Fabric Course from EMURGO India, feel free to reach out to us here. EMURGO is more than happy to discuss your goals and future so that we can tailor everything to your needs. 

Cover image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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