[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews William Zuo, CEO and Founder of Shanghai Gingkoo Financial Technology Co.

This month, we’re putting the community spotlight on Shanghai Gingkoo Financial Technology Co. We had the opportunity to sit down with CEO and Founder William Zuo during the 2017 Hyperledger Member Summit in Singapore to learn more about why they joined, and their experience migrating from using Ethereum to Hyperledger Fabric for their platform Starfish-chain.

Gingkoo is a leading fintech company and IT solution provider, working with more than 80 banks and financial institution across the globe. Gingkoo established in 2013 as the first company to enter the blockchain technology ecosystem in China. To further explore how to serve banks in with Distributed Ledger Technology in China, Gingkoo joined Hyperledger as a general member in November 2016.

Prior to collaborating with Hyperledger, Gingkoo developed their Starfish blockchain platform using Ethereum. Shortly after joining, they understood the benefits of using Hyperledger Fabric, and they migrated the Starfish platform over to Fabric. According to William, although it’s still early days for blockchain transformation in B2B business models, Hyperledger Fabric has enabled regulator users of the Starfish platform to have greater visibility into their data sets, which maintain security through encryption.

William praises Hyperledger Fabric for creating a “democracy” of sorts, in which everybody in the chain shares and maintains the database together. Hear more about William’s experience collaborating with Hyperledger Fabric and migrating to it from Ethereum in the full interview video below.