We’re thrilled to announce that the voting for new representatives for the Hyperledger Governing Board wrapped up last Friday and resulted in the return of Carlos Kuchkovsky, Chief Technology Officer of New Digital Business at BBVA, and the addition of Jon Geater, CTO of Thales eSecurity. It was a close race with a ton of great candidates! 

For some background, Jon has led a career dedicated to high-tech and cryptographic security. He held senior global roles in leading companies such as nCipher, ARM and Trustonic. Through these roles, he has designed, built and managed leading edge solutions for a wide variety of industries such as mobile, IoT, payments and smart cities and at every level of the technology stack from the fabric of the smallest microchips to the largest cloud systems.

“I am very glad to be able to serve on the Governing Board of Hyperledger representing the interests of the General Membership. I hope to bring my many years of experience on the boards and committees of other industry bodies to the table and help to build on the considerable success the community has already achieved. At Thales eSecurity, we provide transaction security to 19 of the world’s top 20 banks, we underpin the data security of some of the world’s largest and most sensitive enterprises. As part of the larger Thales, we help to protect real-world critical infrastructure from smart power grids to railway systems to air traffic management. Blockchain is a very significant technology in the area of open transparent trust that we believe will accelerate the move to safer connected living, and Hyperledger is leading the way in bringing this technology to Enterprises. I look forward to bringing this viewpoint of real world security and safety engineering to Hyperledger in order to help us get to large scale industrialization faster.” – Jon Geater                

Carlos has vast experience leading global teams, using the latest technologies to create new ventures, products, solutions, and systems. Prior to New Digital Business, he worked on BBVA’s Open Platform, Banks as a Service, Financial Digital Platforms, and Added Valued Mobile Services initiatives. Prior to BBVA, he worked as a consultant in mobile technologies for financial institutions and retail and developed multiplayer mobile games. He is also the co-author of the book “Blockchain: The Internet Industrial Revolution,” Board member of Alastria.io, MBA Mentor at the Industrial management school, and has lectured at the International Desing Scholl, IE Business school, ICAI and at International University La Rioja for Artificial intelligence, API economy, crowdfunding, Cryptoeconomy, and blockchain.

“For BBVA it is a privilege being re-elected by the General Members of Hyperledger as a representative to the Governing Board. It has been amazing to participate and see the exponential growth that Hyperledger has had, in number of members, number of projects, and community participants in the last year. And as it has gone from Beta versions and proofs of concept to production and to scale. BBVA is using Hyperledger technology in several projects and PoCs. And this year we want to increase our contribution to the community by working together with other members and contributing to open source projects.” – Carlos Kuchkovsky

General members are entitled to annually elect one representative to the Hyperledger Governing Board. The Governing Board is responsible for approving a budget directing the use of funds raised by Hyperledger from all sources of revenue, overseeing all project business and marketing matters, as well as working with the Technical Steering Committee on defining and administering any programs for certification, among many other matters.

We look forward to the year ahead with both Jon and Carlos! As always, you can keep up with what’s new with Hyperledger on Twitter or email us with any questions: info@hyperledger.org.