Hyperledger Foundation Adds Five Members, New Certified Service Provider and Verifiable Credential (VC) Format Technology Project

Energy Web, European Blockchain Association, Howest, Instnt and Integra Ledger Join Hyperledger Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO (Dec. 14, 2022) Today, Hyperledger Foundation, the open, global ecosystem for enterprise-grade blockchain technologies, announced a line-up of new members along with its newest Hyperledger Certified Service Provider, latest technology project and year-to-date data on code contributions for 2022. In addition, Hyperledger Foundation, which is hosted at the Linux Foundation, named its two “at large” governing board members, which are elected by the membership at large. This year’s representatives are Heather Dahl, founder and CEO of Indicio, and Sophia Lopez, founder and president of Kaleido

The five newest members of Hyperledger Foundation are Energy Web, Instnt and Integra Ledger, all general members, as well as associate members European Blockchain Association and Howest. This mix of organizations reflects the expanding use cases for the spectrum of Hyperledger technologies and show strong adoption and collaboration, especially in Europe.

Hyperledger Foundation continued to add to its project landscape with the introduction of Hyperledger AnonCreds, a widely used Verifiable Credential (VC) format. The growing Hyperledger technology landscape is the work of its global developer community, the world’s largest dedicated to open source enterprise-grade blockchain technologies. In 2022, Hyperledger’s total code contributor community grew by more than 18% with an average of almost 800 individuals actively contributing in each month. This active developer community has contributed more than 8 millions lines of code so far this year. Perhaps more importantly, contributors have made more than 2,800 code commits across Hyperledger repositories to date in 2022, an almost 7.5% increase over last year.

Hyperledger Foundation also expanded its network of Hyperledger Certified Service Providers (HCSPs) with Kaleido joining the ranks of the pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers that have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Hyperledger Fabric. 

Two new case studies underscore the increasing size and scale of deployments built using Hyperledger technologies. LACChain has created the world’s largest permissioned public blockchain using Hyperledger Besu, and GSBN is simplifying global trade with Hyperledger Fabric.

“As our high level of code contributions, expanding project landscape and growing roster of case studies underscore, there is no shortage of innovation in both the development and deployment of enterprise-grade blockchain technologies,” said Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation. “Now, as we look ahead to 2023, we are focused on the rapid evolution of this market and the advances and implementations happening in our community across web3, digital identity, multi-chain networks, verifiable credentials, tokenization and a host of other applications. Our newest members add to the diversity of the markets and technologies that are at the forefront of enterprise adoption of blockchain and related technologies, and we welcome them to our global community of industry-leading organizations.”

“I am honored to be the first person from the Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Aries communities elected to the Hyperledger Foundation Governing Board,” said Heather Dahl of Indicio. “As CEO of a company that relies on and contributes to these projects, I experience the value of Hyperledger Foundation and its community every day. And, perhaps, even more important, our customers have come to understand the value of the Hyperledger ecosystem as they work with us to build and deploy open-source verifiable credential solutions around the world. Hyperledger Foundation’s vitality fuels our collective sustainability. This is why membership is important — and why expanding that membership to more and diverse companies and organizations is a focus for the coming year. Hyperledger Foundation is a powerful force for digital transformation. At Indicio, we see increasing momentum for transformation in verifiable identity and data and the opportunity to extend these benefits to the many. Open source, after all, derives its power from being open to all.”

“It was very exciting to build upon our team’s initial contributions helping jumpstart the Hyperledger enterprise blockchain community while we were at IBM, and to be back now in a leadership role carrying the torch forward for the next generation of needed technology. Hyperledger Foundation has established itself as the trusted open-source ecosystem for enterprises looking to build for web3,” said Sophia Lopez of Kaleido. “Kaleido is dedicated to making web3 radically simple for enterprises to adopt. Being an active member of Hyperledger Foundation is a strategic opportunity for Kaleido to help drive enterprise requirements that will advance the growth of our clients’ solutions and networks. My new role as an elected board member shows the value the Hyperledger community is placing on web3 technologies like Hyperledger FireFly, which are key to enabling enterprises to build and scale secure next-gen applications in the space.”

New General Member quotes:

Energy Web

“Our team has been monitoring the growth of Hyperledger Foundation and, in particular, Hyperledger FireFly for some time,” said Mani Hagh Sefat, Chief Technology Officer of Energy Web. “We couldn’t be more excited to finally jump into the initiative and contribute directly to it as our stack evolves to better integrate with multiple legacy and Web3 technologies.”


“Hyperledger’s SSI ecosystem was a natural complement to Instnt’s managed acceptance platform. We leaned heavily on Hyperledger Foundation projects to add decentralized capabilities to our automated KYC and CIP engine,” said Justin Kamerman, CPO, and Soubhratra Das, Head of Engineering, Instnt. “The open-standard implementations of the Hyperledger Indy distributed ledger and Hyperledger Aries toolkits are a key component of the #PortableKYC feature of Instnt Access™, positioning us as a trusted issuer of Verifiable Credentials under a NIST Level-of-Assurance model. Our engineering team receives ongoing support from the Hyperledger community and is committed to contributing to its frameworks moving forward.”

Integra Ledger

“Integra is the leader for enterprise blockchain technology in the global legal industry,” said David Fisher, Founder and CEO of Integra. “Since its launch in 2017, the Integra Ledger blockchain has been based on Hyperledger Fabric, which is used to authenticate documents and contracts, enabling their off-chain automation in traditional software. We look forward to working with the worldwide Hyperledger community to expand understanding and adoption of enterprise blockchain technology.”

About Hyperledger Foundation

Hyperledger Foundation was founded in 2015 to bring transparency and efficiency to the enterprise market by fostering a thriving ecosystem around open source blockchain software technologies. As a project of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation coordinates a community of member and non-member organizations, individual contributors and software developers building enterprise-grade platforms, libraries, tools and solutions for multi-party systems using blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies. Organizations join Hyperledger Foundation to demonstrate technical leadership, collaborate and network with others, and raise awareness around their efforts in the enterprise blockchain community. Members include industry-leading organizations in finance, banking, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing, technology and beyond. All Hyperledger code is built publicly and available under the Apache license. To learn more, visit: www.hyperledger.org.

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