Eight New Members Join Hyperledger

DB Systel, IOHK and IOVlabs & Others Sign On to Support Enterprise Blockchain in Fast Changing Times 

SAN FRANCISCO (June 11, 2020) Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, today announced the latest line-up of members joining its global enterprise blockchain community. Eight new organizations from markets around the world, including DB Systel GmbH, IOHK and IOVlabs, are now part of the multi-venture, multi-stakeholder effort hosted at the Linux Foundation

Like many other organizations, in the last few months Hyperleger has pivoted to virtual community building with a new line-up of webinars, online events and networking and increased content, including a detailed case study by Chainyard and IBM Blockchain on the launch of Trust Your Supplier as a production network with 25 major corporate participants and counting. Even during this transition, the community has pushed ahead with strong member participation at Consensus and ramped up activity in Hyperledger SIGs and Working Groups. Hyperledger also recently announced its 16th project, Hyperledger Cactus, a blockchain integration tool designed to allow users to securely integrate different blockchains. 

“While the dramatic developments over the last few months have created a new and unexpected set of challenges for all of us, the enterprise blockchain community has shown great solidarity and is now focused on new ways forward,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “As a technology, blockchain is and will play an important role of adding trust and transparency to the most essential of transactions and communications. It’s never been clearer that we are past the proof of concept stage for enterprise blockchain. As our line-up of new members underscore, the Hyperledger community is about putting blockchain to work in impactful ways around the world and across industries.” 

Hyperledger allows organizations to create solid, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions by offering enterprise-grade, open source distributed ledger frameworks, libraries and tools. General members joining the community are Atomyze by Tokentrust AG, Binarystar, DB Systel GmbH, IOHK, IOVlabs and Public Mint.

Hyperledger supports an open community that values the contributions and participation from various entities. As such, pre-approved non-profits, open source projects and government entities can join Hyperledger at no cost as associate members. Associate members joining this month include Global Blockchain Business Council and the InterWork Alliance. 

New member quotes:

Atomyze by Tokentrust AG

“At Atomyze, we envision to facilitate the digitization and tokenization of commodities and enable them to be traded in a simple and secure way, as well as provide accessibility to illiquid markets. To make this a reality, we have strengthened key partnerships and are in development of a new and next-generation eco-system, with Hyperledger Fabric at its core. We are thrilled to be part of the Hyperledger community and look forward to the continued collaboration,” said Bertalan Vecsei, CTO at Atomyze by Tokentrust AG.


“The Hyperledger community is building one of the most well-studied and well-regarded core blockchain technologies with practical use in large industries,” said Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Binarystar. “Binarystar is happy to participate in the future of this journey by being in the center of the Japanese blockchain industry harvesting and delivering its content directly to over 3,000 and ever-growing base of Japanese members at our blockchain-exclusive business hub.”

DB Systel GmbH

“We are excited to join the Hyperledger community, one of the largest frameworks for development and cooperation on setting up enterprise-grade blockchain solutions and standards,” said Moritz von Bonin, Head of Blockchain & DLT solutions, DB Systel GmbH. “At DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn’s digital partner, over the last few years we have been developing promising ways of deploying the blockchain technology for Deutsche Bahn and other companies. The diverse ideas range from mobility as a service platform, logistics supply chains through to blockchain-based rail control system. We look forward to contributing by exploring collaboration opportunities on multiple technological aspects and cutting-edge projects together with the community members.” 


“The Hyperledger community has an exceptional wealth of shared knowledge and expertise, and we look forward to developing strong relationships with other members of the consortium in order to share our original research, build synergies with other blockchain providers and develop new industrial and business collaborations,” Romain Pellerin, Chief Technical Officer at IOHK. “In particular, membership in Hyperledger will inform the development of our enterprise blockchain solutions and the work we’re doing with governments in developing countries. IOHK is founded on the principles of open source software and decentralized networks, and we would never seek to patent any of our technological advances. It’s great to be involved in an organization which shares that philosophy and is working towards utilising blockchain to create a better industry, and more open, accessible world.”


“We are thrilled to be part of the Linux Foundation, one of the leading organizations in the promotion of open source software and ecosystems. All of the software contributed to the RSK Network and Infrastrastructure Framework (RIF) by IOVlabs was open sourced and built together with the community. This is essential to provide transparency for the blockchain financial infrastructure we are building,” said Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, IOVlabs CEO. “Harnessing the benefits of the Bitcoin Network with a suite of tools to create and protect the wealth of those more vulnerable in our society, we’re planting the seeds for global financial freedom, and our membership in the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger will help us accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain platforms fostering opportunity, transparency and trust throughout the world.

Public Mint

“At Public Mint, we believe it’s fundamental to have a frictionless, easy, accessible and open capability to move fiat locally and globally,” said Halsey Minor, founder and CEO at Public Mint.”We’re very excited to be part of the Hyperledger community, and we think this is a great opportunity to work together, addressing business processes in an effective and innovative way.Built on top of Hyperledger Besu, Public Mint is charting new territory as a fiat-native blockchain platform that allows anyone to easily create fiat accounts and transfer funds between any individual, business, device, application and bank. After 25 years of innovating in the enterprise, I can clearly see that with blockchain we are beginning the next major chapter in the incredible story of technology adding business value.”

Members big and small are collaborating across company and country lines to ensure the success of Hyperledger business blockchain technologies, building products, services and solutions on top of Hyperledger code bases that are critical to their lines of business. Learn more about becoming a member of Hyperledger. 

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing and technology. Hyperledger hosts many enterprise blockchain technology projects including distributed ledger frameworks, smart contract engines, client libraries, graphical interfaces, utility libraries and sample applications. All Hyperledger code is built publicly and available under the Apache license. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger under the foundation. To learn more, visit: https://www.hyperledger.org/.

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