Type: Distributed ledger software

Hyperledger Burrow is a complete single-binary blockchain distribution focussed on simplicity, speed, and developer ergonomics. It supports both EVM and WASM based smart contracts and uses BFT consensus via the Tendermint algorithm. It has a sophisticated event system and can maintain a relational database mapping of on-chain data. Governance and permissioning is built in and can be amended by on-chain proposal transactions. It is optimised for public permissioned proof-of-stake use cases but can also be used for private/consortium networks.

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Incubation proposal accepted by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

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Blockchains are too exciting. Burrow wants to be boring. Then we want to be simple. Then we want to be fast. Even more boring than Git is stupid. The kind…
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2019 Summer Mentee Project Update: Integration of EVM from Hyperledger Burrow into Hyperledger Iroha

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All Are Welcome Here

A Minneapolis coffee shop that has fueled or at least caffeinated a lot of Hyperledger commits. One of the first things people learn when coming to Hyperledger is that Hyperledger…
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