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Cactus is a blockchain integration tool designed to allow users to securely integrate different blockchains.


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September 29, 2021 in Blog, Hyperledger Cactus, Hyperledger Mentorship Program

Hyperledger Mentorship Spotlight: Cactus-samples – Business Logic Plugins for Cactus

The Hyperledger Mentorship Program is a structured hands-on learning opportunity for new developers who may otherwise lack the opportunity to gain exposure to Hyperledger open source development and entry to…
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September 27, 2021 in Blog, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Cactus, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Labs

Maintainers from four Hyperledger projects to serve as code contribution guides during AnitaB.org Grace Hopper Celebration

Hyperledger is once again sponsoring the annual AnitaB.org Grace Hopper Celebration as a way of supporting leaders and future women technologists in our global community. Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation…
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April 26, 2021 in Blog, Hyperledger Cactus, Special Interest Group

Help Hyperledger Cactus Advance Climate Action

“Climate change represents an existential threat to humanity and will require the greatest mobilization of resources and collaboration in human history.” - Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group…
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