Explainer Videos

Learn about Hyperledger business blockchain technologies through project explainer videos, technical demos, and recordings of event keynotes and panels.

Think of the Hyperledger consortium as a greenhouse for community development of business blockchain projects from seed to fruition.

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Community Spotlight Videos

What is Hyperledger? Executive Director Brian Behlendorf Explains The Linux Foundation’s Blockchain Initiative

Hear members of the enterprise blockchain community discuss the impact of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts on their industries, why they trust Hyperledger for their DLT networks, and the value of contributing to this open, global collaboration.


The financial services industry is the earliest adopter embracing and implementing distributed ledger technologies. Want to learn more? Check out the Finance page under the Industry section of the website.

Hyperledger Governing Board Chair and Digital Asset’s Blythe Masters: Blockchain’s Impact on Financial Services – Saving Costs, Reducing Risk and Enhancing Capital Opportunity

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Key healthcare challenges around longitudinal records, identity management and access across multiple solutions all have the ability to be developed on top of blockchain technologies. Hear about healthcare use cases and consider joining the open Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group.

Change Healthcare’s Aaron Symanski: The promise of blockchain networks to create efficiencies and improve patient and provider experiences.

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Enterprises are embracing blockchain for provenance and traceability of goods through the supply chain to meet industry requirements such as ethically sourced foods and assuring adherence to necessary protocols.

Airbus’ Thierry Chevalier: Revamping Product Development and Manufacturing With Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies

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Using The Linux Foundation’s proven model of technical governance and open collaboration, Hyperledger is incubating and promoting enterprise-grade frameworks and tools for distributed ledgers, smart contract engines, and more.

Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee Chair and IBM’s Chris Ferris: Blockchain Technologies Will Help Drive Process Improvement for Customers’ Business Interactions

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Individual developers, service and solution providers, government associations, corporate members and end users benefit from collaborating across competitive lines, industries, and the globe to advance Hyperledger business blockchain technologies. All are welcome to participate in our inclusive communities!

Wanda Technology Group’s Charles Cai: Using Blockchain Technologies to Build Products and Services for the Massive Middle-Class Market in China

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Blockchain technologies show great promise for positively impacting the way we work and live through efforts like establishing provenance of goods, expediting routine business processes and enabling the world’s unbankable to receive payments.

Energy Blockchain Laboratory’s Cao Yin: Open Source Development for Driving Adoption of Energy Blockchain Applications

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