Certification Domains & Competencies

The exam domains and competencies outlined below serve as a reference for training partners wishing to align materials and candidates preparing to take the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA) exam.

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Application Lifecycle Management – 20%

  • Install and Instantiate chaincode package
  • Configure endorsement policy
  • Define collection policy for private data
  • Modify or upgrade chaincode

Install and Configure Network – 25%

  • Modify the world state database configuration
  • Define initial multi-org configuration policy
  • Configure Ordering service (Kafka)
  • Configure Hyperledger Fabric containers
  • Define network config options (block creation options, etc)
  • Enable TLS for communication
  • Generate genesis block
  • Configure service discovery node (e.g. peer and orderer addresses)

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting – 15%

  • Query and analyse peer logs
  • Query and analyse CA logs
  • Query and analyse Orderer logs
  • Query and analyse chaincode logs

Membership Service Provider – 20%

  • Configure ACL
  • Create end user identity
  • Revoke an identity
  • Configure and start Hyperledger Fabric CA
  • Configure Hyperledger Fabric for hardware security module

Network Maintenance and Operations – 20%

  • Add a peer to existing organization
  • Create a channel
  • Add an org to a channel
  • Update channel configuration
  • Update a Hyperledger Fabric instance