Blockchain technologies hold the promise to unite the disparate processes in healthcare, increase data flow and liquidity, reduce costs and improve patient experience and outcomes.

Hyperledger is committed to helping the healthcare industry realize the full potential of open source blockchain technologies.

To this end, we launched a Healthcare Special Interest Group to house and foster technical and business-level conversations about appropriate applications for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. This working group is open to everyone interested in positive, open collaboration towards blockchain adoption in healthcare. Please read the FAQ and Charter and, if you have the interest, expertise and time to help advance the conversation, please join the mailing list here.

Our top-level mission with the Hyperledger Healthcare SIG is to identify specific opportunities for open source software development projects we could host here at Hyperledger, projects which could help the industry move even more quickly on use cases with high potential.

Those efforts could be built upon existing Hyperledger code bases, but are not limited to that; what's important is being able to get started quickly, and have something tangible that can progress from proof of concept to pilot to eventual production, if all the right criteria are met. To get started, we need to talk openly and frankly about what can be done, and what each of us can commit to contributing towards it.

Brian BehlendorfHyperledger Project Executive Director

Track and Participate in Definition of Healthcare Use Cases

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