(10.2.17) CryptoCoinNews: What Is Hyperledger? Brian Behlendorf Executive Director Of The Hyperledger Project Explains

By October 2, 2017 News

Give us a brief overview of the Hyperledger project and outline your involvement in the project

The Hyperledger project is run out of the Linux Foundation and started in December 2015. The impetus behind the project came from an interest in looking at the potential to use the blockchain model of distributed ledgers and smart contract to other domains outside of currency. The project is a global collaboration of nearly 200 members supporting and participating in the technology. This group is made up of leaders from finance, banking, IoT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.  The Hyperledger project aims to enable communities to work together on common code and it acts as an “umbrella” for software developer communities building open source blockchain and related technologies to create innovative modular open source components and platforms.

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