(6.14.17) EconoTimes: Hyperledger blockchain project releases new beta version for Fabric

By June 14, 2017 Hyperledger Fabric, News

A collaborative cross-industry effort to advance blockchain technology, Hyperledger Project announced the release of new beta version for Hyperledger Fabric that is available for testing.

“We would to thank everyone who helped bring this beta release to life. It was a huge effort that went into reducing the open defect count and upping the level of test coverage over 1.0.0-alpha2. In total, we had 68 developers representing 11 companies and 11 individuals contributing 364 changes affecting about 80k lines of code. Together, we have reduced the open defect count by more than 50% and increased the test coverage to more than 82% across the various repositories,” the release stated.

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