(3.22.17) Container Journal: IBM Couples Docker Containers to Blockchain Database

By March 22, 2017 News

IBM is employing Docker containers to make it easier for IT organizations to consume a blockchain service being hosted on IBM Cloud.

Launched this week at the IBM InterConnect 2017 conference, IBM decided to deploy an implementation of the HyperLedger Fabric software developed by The Linux Foundation as a Docker container running on IBM LinuxOne, a distribution of Linux that runs on an IBM mainframe, says Jerry Cuomo, vice president of blockchain technologies for IBM. In addition to making it easier to deploy a blockchain database, the Docker container exposes a standard set of Docker application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be invoked as an isolated microservice. To help construct those microservices, IBM has developed Fabric Composer to enable IT organizations to model business networks, create APIs and craft user interfaces.

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