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Blythe Masters, Digital Asset

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Thierry Chevalier, Airbus

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Hanna Zubko, IntellectEU

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Amber Baldet, J.P. Morgan

How Blockchain Technologies Will Lead to Interconnected Industries and the Realization of a ‘Society 5.0′

Toshiya Cho, Hitachi

Blockchain Technologies for Reducing Inefficiencies in the Siloed Back Offices of Financial Institutions

Dan O’Prey, Digital Asset

Open Source Development for Driving Adoption of Energy Blockchain Applications

Cao Yin, Energy Blockchain Laboratory

Using Blockchain Technologies to Build Products and Services for the Massive Middle-Class Market in China

Charles Cai, Wanda Technology Group

Blockchain Technologies Will Help Drive Process Improvement for Customers’ Business Interactions

Chris Ferris, IBM

Designing Hyperledger Fabric to Meet the Requirements and Needs of the Enterprise: Resiliency, Security and Scale

Ram Komarraju, CLS Bank

Collaborating with Hyperledger Members to Build a Successful Nostro Reconciliation POC

Ozgur Akdeniz, ANZ

Using Hyperledger Technologies to Create Real Life Systems and Prototypes

Makoto Takemiya, Soramitsu

Blockchain moving the financial services industry away from messaged based models, slow reconciliation processes and inefficiency of fragmented data stores

David Treat, Accenture

Producing standards for the blockchain ecosystem and the benefits of Hyperledger’s open source community and governance model

Justin Newton, Netki

How blockchain can make business processes more secure and more efficient at much lower cost

Todd McDonald, R3

Blockchain’s ability to share information in near real time with perfect security, immutability and privacy between industry participants

Rob Palatnick, DTCC

How Hyperledger transparency and open source collaboration makes it easier for Fujitsu to work with customers.

Yoshinobu Sawano, Fujitsu