Universities have a critical role to play in the transformation that blockchain technology is driving. Educational institutions will teach needed skills, research new uses and help shape the direction of this movement. If you are at a university and are interested in understanding Hyperledger and making an impact on the projects, this guide has the information you need to get started.


Teaching about a new and rapidly evolving technology can be a challenge, but the Hyperledger community has resources to support you and as an open source community you can work with others to create resources you need. Good contribution opportunities for educators include:


Getting involved in an exciting technology area and a rapidly growing open source project is a great way to build on the skills you are developing in your class work and to find job opportunities when you graduate. Good contribution opportunities for students include:


Blockchain is about more than just cryptocurrency and researchers will help pioneer new directions in blockchain computing. Good contribution opportunities for researchers include:

Advisors and Counselors

We want to make it easier for you to support students with learning about this emerging technology. Get up to speed on Hyperledger and business blockchain technologies by:

Other Resources