About this paper

Hyperledger Foundation partnered with LF Research earlier this year to examine the public’s awareness, perceptions, and opinions of their brand, similar to the research study conducted in 2021. The aim of this project was to measure perceptions of the enterprise-grade blockchain technology market, with a specific focus on Hyperledger technologies’ place in this market. 

This study takes its insights from a survey fielded in the blockchain community as well as a set of interviews conducted with subject matter experts. The report discusses the current state of the enterprise blockchain market, the perceptions and opinions of the Hyperledger brand in comparison with other enterprise-grade brands, the benefits of using the technology, use cases, and challenges in adoption. This report concludes with some forward-looking recommendations for Hyperledger Foundation to address these challenges and maintain its position as a leading enterprise-grade blockchain brand.

Anna Hermansen, LF Research
Foreword by:
David Treat, Accenture