In Hyperledger we want to make sure to bring Academia and the Enterprise worlds together. We also would like to serve as a platform for research on cutting edge technologies. We would be honored if you, the brightest minds in the world, decide to choose Hyperledger as your topic. Some of the ideas on what you can work on include:

  • Advanced crypto techniques that can enhance privacy (e.g., ZK) and support anti-quantum-computing features.
  • Optimize blockchain platform performance in large-scale with new protocols, new network architecture and hardwares.
  • Human-computer interfaces for wallets in specific applications other than crypto-currencies (e.g. Identity)
  • Interfacing smart contracts and real-time transaction verification with outside data sources through oracles.
  • Simulating consensus networks at scale with tools like Shadow ( and developing a common ontology for describing the characteristics of each consensus algorithm.
  • Protocols for pair-wise–or even n-wise–cross-chain transaction linking.
  • Work what the exact impact a practical quantum computer would have on HL frameworks.
  • Governance of a Multi-stakeholder ecosystem.
  • Blockchain Oracles – providing trusted external data to be used by smart contracts.

To propose additional research topics, please email us at