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Welcome New Members!

“Our most recent line-up of new members is a great reflection of the diversity of our global community,” said Daniela Barbosa.

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New Graduation

Very pleased to announce that the Hyperledger Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has approved Hyperledger FireFly as the latest of Hyperledger Foundation’s projects to achieve graduated status.


New Graduation

Thrilled to announce that the Hyperledger TOC has approved Cacti’s exit from incubation to the Graduated state, which marks the highest status a Hyperledger project can achieve.

Hyperledger in Action A Sampling of Digital Identity Solutions Built with Hyperledger Technologies

#HyperledgerIdentity Round-Up

Discover how the #HyperledgerIdentity community has been at the forefront of developing and deploying these technologies.


New Hyperledger Fabric Certification

Tailor-made for IT professionals, full-stack and DevOps engineers, and software developers eager to validate their expertise in the Hyperledger Fabric ecosystem.

Circulor Case Study-1

New Case Study

A deep dive with member Circulor into the growth of the Circulor platform and an inside look into expanding role of digital product passports with Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger BC Gov

BC Digital Trust initiative.

Exciting news from the Government of British Columbia! 🇨🇦. Forging ahead with their commitment to Digital Transformation. 

Everledger blog

Guest Post

See how Everledger leverages Hyperledger Fabric to power its Origin Program, which traces a diamond's journey from its origin deep within the Earth until it arrives, ready to wear, at a customer.

Hyperledger Podcast Animo

Latest Podcast

On this episode of Untold Stories Behind The Hyperledger Community, we met with Karim Stekelenburg and Berend Sliedrecht from Animo Solutions to discuss "Making Aries Framework JavaScript a Global Framework."

This is a great conversation about how they started working in open source, decentralized identity and why the Aries community is working on this new evolution of AFJ.


New Preview

 The v3.0.0 preview of Hyperledger Fabric is now out. 

🌟 New Features: The highlight is undoubtedly the introduction of the Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) ordering service. It's an upgrade from the previously used Raft crash fault-tolerant system, promising resilience against not just crashes, but malicious node behavior.


Don't Miss Alex Tapscott on Tour! 

This new book will help change the conversation about Web3 just like Tapscott's last book, Blockchain Revolution (written with Don Tapscott), changed the discussion from Bitcoin to blockchain for enterprise leaders.  

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We're Proud to Sponsor the Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore FinTech Festival is back in 2023, promising to be bigger, bolder, and more transformative than ever. This year's festival will be emphasizing the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the financial sector. 


Check out the New Projext Matrix

Easily identify Hyperledger distributed ledger technologies, understand their differences, and how you want to use them.

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