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From Hyperledger Foundation's Senior Director of Ecosystem and Strategic Initiatives, Karen Ottoni.

Hyperledger Arun Podcast

Podcast Episode No.4

⚡ Episode 4 from our Untold Stories Behind the Hyperledger Community podcast just dropped with Arun S M @ Walmart Global Tech and Vice-Chair, of the Hyperledger Technical Oversight Committee.

Hyperledger Governance

Hyperledger Governance

Security is obviously critical to all software, but especially for software that is the backbone of high-value systems. Find out how Hyperledger leadership commits to following the best security practices.

Blockchain Pioneers Hyperledger Composer

New Series

🚀 Check out our new series that looks back at the impact of pioneering Hyperledger projects!

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Latest Member Webinar

Watch our latest member in-depth webinar with Sovrin Foundation.

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Latest Project Workshop

Expand your technical capabilities and unleash the potential of decentralized currency management, in our latest workshop. 

Daniela Barbosa @Sibos with Intellect EU

Daniela Barbosa @Sibos with Intellect EU

Curious about the newest Hyperledger projects addressing today's market needs for decentralized technologies in financial services? Join Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director Daniela Barbosa for this exclusive IntellectEU Sibos session.


Celebrating a Milestone!

Explorer, a Hyperledger Lab, offers real-time insights into blockchain activities, making it an invaluable tool for administrators, developers, and organizations utilizing Hyperledger Fabric.


Don't Miss Alex Tapscott on Tour! 

This new book will help change the conversation about Web3 just like Tapscott's last book, Blockchain Revolution (written with Don Tapscott), changed the discussion from Bitcoin to blockchain for enterprise leaders.  

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Proud to Sponsor the Singapore Fintech Festival

Last chance to register! Hyperledger community saves 20%


Become a Hyperledger Certified Service Provider

The (HCSP) program is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Hyperledger. 

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