Hyperledger 8

A Celebration of Building Better Together

February 14th 7am PST / 10AM EST

As Hyperledger Foundation celebrates its 8th anniversary, we reflect on a journey marked by groundbreaking achievements and collaborative success in the world of blockchain and DLT technology. Over these years, Hyperledger Foundation has not just been a part of the blockchain revolution; it has been at its forefront, driving collaboration, and a shared vision for a decentralized future. 

This year, we commemorate our journey under the theme "Hyperledger 8: A Celebration of Building Better Together." Our celebration centers around the impact Hyperledger Foundation has had on the market, resonating with the symbolic significance of the number 8 in various cultures. In Pythagorean numerology, 8 represents victory, prosperity, and overcoming challenges. It's seen as a harbinger of wealth and fortune in Chinese and other Asian traditions, embodying the idea of flourishing and expansion.

Webinar Agenda: 

Date & Time: February 14th 7am PST / 10am EST

10:00 AM EST - Welcome and Introduction 

Daniela Barbosa, Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director
Opening remarks, including a look back at Hyperledger Foundation milestones, updates from across the ecosystem and an introduction to the day’s events.

10:15 AM EST - The Hyperledger Foundation Journey: Building the Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Market

David Treat, Senior Managing Director, Accenture; Johnna Powell, Managing Director and Global Head of Technology, Research and Innovation, DTTC; Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow - VP Technology; and Sophia Lopez, Founder and President, Kaleido.

A deep dive into the impact of Hyperledger Foundation on the development and deployment of enterprise-grade blockchain technologies over the last eight years. The discussion will include a 10+ minute Q&A session.

10:45 AM EST - Community Recognition Awards
An opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate community contributions, showcased through on-screen images and acknowledgments.

10:50 AM EST - Digital Assets and Tokenization: Today and Tomorrow

Barnaby Nelson, CEO, TheValueExchange (Moderator); Peter Munnings, Co-Founder & COO, Adhara; Ryan Rugg, Head of Global of Digital Assets TTS, Citi; and Roy E. Ben-Hur - Managing Director, Deloitte Advisory

A panel discussion covering the current trends and future opportunities in digital assets and tokenization. The discussion will include a Q&A segment.

11:25 AM EST - Interoperability Update: Where We Are and Where We’re Going 

Hart Montgomery, CTO, Hyperledger Foundation (Moderator); Tracy Kuhrt. Associate Director, Blockchain and Multiparty Systems Architecture, Accenture, and Hyperledger TOC chair; Yuval Rooz, Co-founder and CEO, Digital Asset; and Richard Brown, CTO, R3.

The latest on the pivotal work on interoperability underway across the Hyperledger ecosystem as well as business drivers, technical challenges and critical areas for future development. The discussion will include a Q&A segment.

11:55 AM EST - Hyperledger Foundation 2024
Daniela Barbosa, Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director   

Hyperledger 8

A Celebration of Building Better Together

January 31st 10AM EST

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