Zero Knowledge Proofs and ZK Programming in Blockchain Application Development Workshop

April 24 8:00 AM-11:00 AM PDT

Zero knowledge proofs and SNARK systems are becoming one of the revolutionary technologies of the beginning of this century. In this workshop we will give a high-level introduction to the zero knowledge and SNARK technology stack rather from a software developer and IT professional perspectives with covering only slightly the deep mathematical basis. During the workshop we will implement an experimental zKRollup system in Circom on Hyperledger Besu or Fabric. We will make experimental integrations with Hyperledger Fabric and with Solidity as well, being compatible with Hyperledger Besu.

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  1. A conceptual introduction to zero knowledge proofs (50 min - presentation) A gentle introduction to prover, verifier, interactive versus non-interactive models, SNARKs, zkSNARKs, computation models, arithmetic circuits, rank-1 constraints, DLS languages and accumulators.
  2. Introduction to Circom programming (25 min - labs and Hands-on) We will cover with lab exercises and hands-ons basic elements of the Circom programming language and the development flow including circuit and rank-1 constraint generation, compilation, power of tau, proving and verifying.
  3. Break + discussion (10 min)
  4. zkRollups basics (25 min - presentation) A general introduction to the conceptual elements of zero knowledge rollups.
  5. Implementing a simplified zkRollup for token transfer and integrating with Hyperledger Besu or Fabric (50 min - lab and demo) During the demonstration and lab we will implement a prototype zero knowledge rollup for a simplified token transfer and integrate it with Hyperledger Besu or Fabric.
  6. Conclusions and discussion (15 min + )


April 24 8:00 AM

April 24 11:00 AM

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