Women in Tech 2024

April 23 9:00 AM-April 25 5:00 PM

The Women in Tech Global Conference 2024, taking place from April 23-25, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to empowering women in technology and fostering innovation with purpose and impact. Daniela Barbosa, the General Manager of Blockchain and Identity at The Linux Foundation and Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation, will be one of the distinguished speakers.

The conference aims to unite 100,000 women in tech from North America and around the world, offering both virtual and in-person sessions to ensure wide accessibility. It's an unparalleled opportunity to connect with other professionals, share insights, and inspire one another towards achieving greater diversity and innovation in the tech industry.

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Session: Building the Next Generation of Financial Systems: Where, Why and How to Be Part of the New Digital Economy
We are on the cusp of a once in a generation upgrade to financial systems that will finally make “bankers’ hours” and perhaps even “bankers’ suits” an antiquated idea. Money will move at the speed of data, saving time, driving down costs and unlocking value for banks, businesses and consumers around the world.

In this talk, Daniela Barbosa will explain how decentralized technologies, including distributed ledgers, smart contract, tokens, verifiable credentials and more, are poised to make access to financial systems a 24x7 reality, leading to faster settlement times, real-time invoicing for global trade, seamless cross-border payments and increased overall liquidity. The next generation of financial systems are being built now, creating a host of opportunities within financial and tech markets but also laying the groundwork for better access to capital and lower start-up and operating costs for businesses of every size.

Her talk will cover:
- The core technology at play, including important distinctions between speculative crypto trading and the application of blockchain-related technologies to upgrade aging financial systems
- Examples of this technology in action in markets around the world
- The critical role of governance and regulation in the emerging digitized financial systems
- The importance of diverse technical and business contributors in creating the new digital economy and the technology powering it
- The opportunities to get involved in building our collective financial future

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of the role of decentralized technologies in reshaping financial systems
  • Insights into the technical and business drivers for digitizing those system
  • Examples of how this tech upgrade will change financial services, create new asset classes, unlock value and drive downstream growth for businesses of all sizes
  • A call to action for women in business and technology to take their seat at the table during this critical window to shape systems that work for them, individually and collectively

Read Daniela's interview with Women in Tech > here


April 23 9:00 AM

April 25 5:00 PM

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