Sibos 2023

September 18 9:00 AM-September 21 5:00 PM

Join Hyperledger Foundation at Sibos 2023 Toronto conference, themed 'Collaborative finance in a fragmented world,'

Hyperledger Executive Director Daniela Barbosa will be Joining members Kaleido and Intellect EU. These discussions will cover areas like cross-border payments, post-trade data, financial crime prevention, digital currencies, financial inclusion, AI, machine learning, ESG standardization, and sustainability. The conference will include various session formats, including Inside Leadership, Spotlight, Big Issue Debates, Industry Sessions, Swift Innotribe, and Sibos Academy, making it one of the most comprehensive and exciting programs to date.

The State of the Ledger: Updates from the Hyperledger Foundation

Speaker: Daniela Barbosa - Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation

Date: Tuesday Sept 19th 

Time & Location: 4pm @IntellectEU Booth  J25 

For the last seven years, Hyperledger has been the home to some of the most important enterprise blockchain open source projects. If you have not taken a look recently, you may be surprised at how some of the newest projects are addressing today's market needs for decentralized technologies in financial services. This talk offers a deep dive into the heart of the Foundation's mission and its collaboration with leading companies and governments who are leading global projects focused on tokenization, programmable money, CBDCs, decentralized identity, digital wallets and more.

Crafting the Future of Money With Open Source and Transparent Development

In an era where decentralized technologies are reshaping the financial landscape, the future of money hinges on open source and transparent development. Dive into the significance of Hyperledger open source technologies and their role in this transformation. Discover why top financial firms champion open-source principles and how Hyperledger Foundation is steering the course towards a resilient, inclusive digital financial frontier.

Speaker: Daniela Barbosa - Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation

Date: Tuesday Sept 19th 

Time & Location: 2pm @Kaleido Booth  #DISS18


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September 18 9:00 AM

September 21 5:00 PM

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