Hyperledger In-Depth with BTP: Provenance Built on Open Source

January 25 10:00 AM-11:00 AM PST

Provenance is taking center stage for BTP.
BTP has built their offering on open source technologies. This includes Hyperledger Sawtooth, but also PROV-O from the W3C, and GraphQL, among others. These technologies have been integrated to serve a purpose – to provide the ability to record irrefutable facts on a distributed ledger about any asset, in any domain, across multiple parties. In this session, Csilla Zsigri, VP Strategy at BTP will share BTP’s experience and journey, and include a demo of the solution.

About BTP:

Founded in 2018, and backed by Force Over Mass and Signature Ventures, BTP is a digital provenance company, with a mission to make assets trustworthy.

BTP is the company behind Chronicle, a product that allows organizations to record and query immutable provenance information on a distributed ledger, about any asset, in any domain, across multiple parties. Chronicle is delivered by our Sextant platform, to facilitate its deployment and management, as well as its integration with enterprise systems.

BTP is a member of the Blockchain Research Institute, the Global Blockchain Business Council, and the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications.

BTP is an active participant in Linux Foundation open source initiatives CNCFFINOSGraphQLHyperledger Foundation, and LF Energy. BTP is a founding member of the newly established Linux Foundation Europe.

BTP is headquartered in Edinburgh, and has a presence in Barcelona, London, New York and San Francisco



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January 25 10:00 AM

January 25 11:00 AM

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