Open Source Summit Japan

December 5 8:00 AM-December 7 5:00 PM JST

Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. It is the gathering place for open source code and community contributors.

Hyperledger Foundation Sessions: 

Tuesday, December 5 • 14:50 - 15:30
Around the world, financial institutions are actively reengineering the future of finance using blockchain and related technologies. They are building new financial rails that dramatically improve efficiency, increase liquidity and create new asset classes that expand investor access. Hyperledger Foundation’s Daniela Barbosa will talk with Kei Miyazato from the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation and Rya Takaki from IBM about this wave of innovation and the technologies that are making it possible. They will discuss the short and long-term opportunities and challenges, including technical and regulatory considerations. They will also delve into why open source, transparently developed technologies are the critical building blocks for new financial models.
Tuesday, December 5 • 12:05 - 12:45

Welcome to the next chapter for decentralized technologies. Crypto euphoria has crested, and industry-leading companies are now getting down to business with distributed ledgers, verifiable credentials, wallet and payments solutions and other related technologies. In this session, Hyperledger Foundation’s CTO Hart Montgomery will lead a discussion with business and technical leaders from Fujitsu and Softbank about how decentralized technologies are reshaping financial services, communications, commerce, travel and more. They will share their work in digital identity, Web3, IoT and security. And they will highlight some of the core tech requirements, including open development, interoperability and standards.

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December 5 8:00 AM

December 7 5:00 PM

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